The Wisdom of Yes and No                    

When thoughts are stuck in logic they seldom have depth. Beyond the logical mind exist feelings, but nerds seldom experience them. For instance, if someone asked you out for a date, the yes or no answer has to be connected to more than logic. There is a shield that protects the heart and the feeling of yes or no is not experienced. There is a lot more to the answer than an empty response. With the feeling of “yes” there can be excitement and the “no” response also has feelings like self-judgements.

This is an exaggerated example, but the yes and no exist beyond every response to life. These experiences are so subtle, they are easily ignored. Say you have been hurt by someone and there is a negative reality you have. Say you won the lottery and there is definitely a positive reality you live in. Depression is like a suit to the no experience, where joy could be the expression of yes. How can we use these experiences in our day-to-day life? Beyond logic, there is an inner wisdom that doesn’t answer in logic. Our ancient brain can indicate right or wrong responses, but too often logic determines yes or no. It is the thinking mind that interprets what that means and puts it into a context that makes sense.

If your assumptions are right, inner wisdom can tell you, but it takes a deeper focus than thoughts and logic. It works with the same principle that finds water under the ground. That is a yes or no response and animals are more tuned into that reality than people. They have no logic to go beyond, so they are sensitive to the subtle indicators of the limbic system which operates on an emotional yes or no response. The intellect of man is too complex to feel that sensitivity, but it is still there. We just need to learn how to use it

Now use that principle in personal communications. That is where motivation has to have the subtle indication of yes or no. The heart is not a logical organ. In fact logic is where desires exist without the heart’s wisdom.  Look up the Limbic system and see the scientific facts about yes and no. Then use it on a more obvious level. Love the animal within you and your self-love will be complete. Ignore this subtle level and you let thinking guide you.

When we deal with issues that have emotional roots we need to contact that depth, but you have to be clear. If you think yes or no, your logical mind influences that subtle yes or no reaction. Being clear means you are free from these logical influences so the yes or no signals are purely experienced. This may sound too simple to a logical mind, but these reactions are the expressions of the Wisdom of the Body. We have to respect the ancient brain within us without the cover of the conditioned mind. This is how we accept our whole brain and all of its deeper wisdom.


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