Power Summaries

A Healthy Way to Be SickThe Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life, and The End, A Creative Way to Approach Death.

In the past few decades as I dealt with multiple sclerosis, I have been working on books that dealt with that struggle. Enclosed are power summaries of these books, which give you an understanding of what they contain.  The first book was A Healthy Way to Be Sick, which captured my attempt to find a quality life in a health struggle. Then, over the years, I shared what I learned with others in a health struggle. These groups were Veterans at the VA who dealt with PTSD, with cancer and AIDS patients and with the mentally ill homeless.

In dealing with these groups, I found the most important part of healing was to determine what part of you deals with your illness. I wrote the book, The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life, to share the techniques used in developing the most conscious part of you in dealing with a struggle. This book has over 20 techniques to empower you in accepting this part of you.

Then after 30 years in dealing with MS, as my condition is advancing, I wrote The End, A Creative Way to Approach Death. I use poetry and creative writing in my approach because I felt this journey could not be captured in linear thinking. Obviously, I am not dead yet, but I felt this was an important part of living with a chronic illness. I did not want my thoughts of death to be buried in my subconscious. Writing poetry helped me express what I thought in a creative way.

These books are available on Amazon/Kindle.com.

A Healthy Way to Be Sick power summary

I wrote this book to help people dealing with chronic, debilitating health challenges to experience quality moments by utilizing the Wisdom of their Body, regardless of the status of their health.  This book will guide you on an inner journey, through which you can experience a healthy way to be sick.  You will also learn how to connect to powerful inner resources without the limitations created by past conditioning.    A Healthy Way to Be Sick allows you to consciously deal with your struggle, find a quality of life during your darkest times and develop yourself in the process.

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The Positive Self  power summary

Introduction:  Getting to Know and Accept the Best Parts of You

In this book, we will explore this inner wisdom and how to develop a Positive Self-image. This will prepare you to consciously recondition your subconscious mind to create life skills that will empower you in the healing process. These skills will develop your character, so your healing potential is ready to manifest.

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The End: A Creative Way to Approach  Death   power summary


The introduction talks about preparing for death while you are still alive and in a conscious state of mind. This is important because it gives you an overview of the book, so you understand the context of each chapter. This book is interesting because there is a lot of dialogue about the advantages of approaching death. A large part of the book looks at death poetically and emphasizes the need for creativity. You don’t want your approach to be solely logical; you need to include creativity, so your subconscious is included in your approach.

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