How to Transform Your Health Challenge Simply by the Way You Perceive It

The easiest thing to change in a health challenge is the way you perceive it. Your perception of what is wrong may be one of your greatest causes of stress. When you perceive your illness, your disability or any health problem from the Wisdom of your Body; that inner wisdom deals with it. When you perceive your health challenge from an anxious ego; that is the part that deals with it.

There are three simple steps we have to take to work on a sub-conscious level. Once you develop these steps, you can create habits that seem to naturally be a part of your life. If we use the moments before we go to sleep as a time to envision dealing with our challenges the way we want, we can consciously condition our subconscious mind to respond as we truly desire.

  1. Imagine your ideal self responding perfectly to what challenges you. Capture that image in a word or a phrase and say that trigger before sleep and when you awaken. This trigger will connect to those images of you being successful accomplishing a challenge where you are in total control.
  2. Seeing yourself doing perfect actions sends messages to your body as if you were practicing doing the action. This creates neural pathways so when you have to perform that action, it will be as though you have already done it before. If you do this before you go to sleep, you could dream about it and practice in your sleep.
  3. As soon as you are awake, image your ideal self performing those same actions. The before sleep and upon awakening time is very important because the doors to your sub-conscious mind are open a new habits can be developed.

Some people say the nature of our dreams is to complete unfinished business. Say your trigger before you go to sleep and if you haven’t completed that goal yet, you may dream about it. Never accept a dream as reality. Correct your dreams as soon as you awaken by saying your trigger and imaging your ideal self in that dream successfully accomplishing your goal. This will over time create powerful habits that condition your sub-conscious mind. When you face that challenge; it will just be accomplished as it was imagined.

Habits can create a link to the Wisdom of your Body. For instance, I have multiple sclerosis, which affects the way I can use my body. I taught myself how to walk 3 times. Though I am in a wheelchair now, I learned the power of having the Wisdom of my Body deal with my challenges. When my walk was bad, I would imagine myself walking a strong walk with a straight posture. This created unfinished business in my mind, because I was really far from that. The first few nights I used Dreamwork to have the Wisdom of my Body deal with this. When I woke up, I had to go back into the dream and have my ideal self walk the straight walk. This helped me correct my walk for about 6 months. (It did not correct my MS and I had to do it again.)


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