Entering the Conscious Moment

Imagine the conscious mind as a portal for consciousness to enter your life. When you are in a Conscious Moment without any leaks, you are connected to an unlimited consciousness.  Unfortunately that moment can have leaks, where consciousness leaks out.  These leaks are thoughts or mental conditioning that grab your attention and too often become repetitive.

A commitment is where you give your all in a relationship and share a Conscious Moment. In relationship with God, to give yourself 100%, you cannot have leaks that drain consciousness from the moment. Leaks like attachments, thoughts you cannot control like desires and emotions like anger or fear, drain consciousness and limit how much you give of yourself. That relationship would have a limited commitment and a limited quality of experience.

When the experience isn’t strong, theories fill in the blanks. Without a strong experience, commitments are weak and the whole relationship may be theoretical. Religious fanatics or people in storybook relationships may believe their relationship has a strong commitment, but their commitment is really to their mind. Even in that case, their love has that ability to break down theoretical walls and strong commitments can be developed.

This may sound like only yogis or high spiritual people can have strong commitments, but even if you limit leaks on the material level, leaks can easily happen. For instance, if a person enters a monastery to dedicate their life to a higher consciousness, the celibate person can have sexual desire, but that desire is a leak.

My parents weren’t spiritual, but their commitment was incredibly strong. I feel no matter what your situation is, that Conscious Moment exists for you. I think the purpose of life is to strive to a moment without any leaks. Be it with God or your lover, a Conscious Moment is amazing.

Here is a simple 4 step process I teach for entering the moment:

  1. Realize that you can have a Conscious Moment and be willing to enter it.
  2. Get away from the idea, ‘I can’t do it.’
  3. Take a breath that is free from your thoughts; imagine breathing into silence.
  4. Relax and a complete breath takes you into the Conscious Moment

If you practice this for about 5 minutes before you go to sleep and upon awakening for at least 10 days, this will become a habit. Then when you are in a loving moment or a deep communication with God or your lover, that Conscious Moment is there for you without you even having to think about it.


Dissatisfied With Your Body Image?

How to Deal With a Body Image You Are Not Satisfied With

I have personal experience in dealing with a body image that is difficult to accept. I have had MS for 35 years and my body is broken. I have many opportunities to be frustrated with my inability to stand, to get up after a fall or to see clearly. These create a body image that I cannot really control. Instead of giving up and just being a victim, the most I can do is to control what perspective I look at my broken body with.

We live in a society today that teaches us the correct body image. Actually, there is no such thing as the correct body image, just like there is no such thing as a correct smile. If you think your body image is incorrect for you, you might look at it from a different perspective. It may be easier to change how you interpret your body image than going through a torturous process to reach the right weight, right looks or the right posture. This article will explore how the state of mind that you are in determines how you judge yourself.

Judgments are usually based on and shaped by what other people think. When we have the ability to not be limited to the cage of other people’s judgments, we may find the ability to have unconditional love. Often, when we think of love, we think of loving other people. Although that is valuable in our life, we need to love ourself unconditionally. That means that no matter what you think other people think about you, you have to go deep enough to be free from judgments.

The way you know that freedom is to look at your breath. All of your worries, stress, guilt and fears affect your breathing. If you find that state of mind where your breath flows through you without any resistance, you will be free of judgments. I call this the Easy Breath. The reason is that this breath is not limited by your mind. It creates a perspective that allows you to see things without any judgments, without any shoulds, but to accept just as it is.

When it comes to your own body image, can you see it with unconditional love? You may think this is impossible, but look at your focus. Your focus is on the thought, your interpretation and sometimes how other people would interpret you. This may seem like a giant step, to go beyond your thoughts, but it is as easy as just focusing on your breath.

Look at our society today; there are thousands of diet clinics and techniques to help you attain the body image that you want. These are great tools and can definitely help you, but you have to look at how you use external resources. When you are in a clear state of mind, free from anxiety or disappointment of how you see yourself, you will have a better ability to tap inner resources to help you use external resources. Approaching them with self-doubt, the attitude “I just can’t do this,” or any negative self-judgment means these external resources will not be as effective.

The first step of any path to improve yourself has to be the state of mind that you start from. This path may not be so easy, but dealing with your own self-image in your mind could be the easiest thing on this path. Most people think that is an impossible task to control, but it is your own resistance that makes it difficult.

Think of someone that loves you unconditionally and imagine them accepting you exactly as you are. Now since you imagined that, your mind created that experience. & show that love to yourself. When you accept that love, notice your breath. Relax so your breath effortlessly floats through you.

Practice this before you go to sleep and upon awakening, do this imagery for about 10 days & this will become a useful habit. Then, when you need that unconditional love for yourself, just take an Easy Breath and feel loved.

The solution to the question of how to deal with a body image you are not satisfied with is simple; look at yourself from an unconditional, loving perspective and do not judge yourself.