Just Another Day in My Life

This next blog is not my usual perspective. It is personal, but I thought it would give you an idea of where I am coming from.

Wednesday, Just Another Day in My Life

It was Wednesday morning as I was waiting for my cab to come after spending a beautiful night at Amy’s. It was 9:30 in the morning and my mind was still waking up. I was sitting next to her as she ate her breakfast and I took a few bites of the blueberry cream pie we had for dessert the night before.

When the cab arrived, we kissed and I said “I will see you again tonight.” I really felt complete and connected with my heart. I got in the cab and gave the cab driver a coupon as payment for the ride. As the ride began, I closed my eyes and began meditating. Almost instantly, I was reliving the night that just passed.

We had a beautiful sharing about a prayer that happened to bubble up that was “Dear God, take my heart.” I started saying that prayer several months before we talked about it. I was just beginning to understand the beauty of what I was saying. If God took my heart, my mind wouldn’t control my heart. My love would be pure without ego’s control. The past or the future wouldn’t affect what I was feeling in the moment. It would be unconditional and would manifest by the way the wisdom of my body responded to my external world.

As I shared that with Amy, she said “how do I fit in to that?” I told her that was the love I shared with her. That quality of love can’t be shared with just anyone, for it seemed I needed to find that special person, which in Judaism is called your Bashert. Here is a poem I wrote in July, 1995. I feel I have been searching for her all of my life. I have had loving partners in my life, like with Judy for over 16 years. Though we loved each other, we both felt there was something missing. That was the time I struggled with my illness and her love helped both of us to deal with the struggles we faced. Judy was a single mother of two boys and was dealing with a divorce with a very egotistical man. With all the handicaps I was dealing with, she suffered from her struggle more than I did with mine. Our support for each other really was a blessing for both of us.

Here is my 1995 poem which captured what I mean:  Poetry was the way I dealt with things I really didn’t understand. This comes from a depth that is deeper than logic and even if it wasn’t a good poem, I creatively grasped what it meant. At the time the poem was created, I hadn’t found her yet, but I couldn’t stop searching. Here it is:

I have a feeling that comes from a depth within,

A long time ago I loved a woman

We said forever and this life is our test.

I think we both have struggles to deal with so trauma erases the              past,

And we have to share the moment’s purity together.

My recognition of her is faintly heard,

But once we share the moment together our connection can’t be            hidden.

My life has to be a test,

For I strive for purity in everything I do.

My connection to God is in silence,

With a purity free from the thinking mind.

Romantic love demands the same silence,

And I expect the same quality.

I don’t want just a beautiful body,

I want to share my connection to God.

I knew I had a purpose in this life,

And I feel finding my Bashert with a Divine Love

Captures that purpose completely.


I wrote this poem long before I met Amy and though I said I met my bashert a long time ago and I barely could hear her, I think that was in a past life. I said I would love her forever and I feel forever goes far beyond the time we are living in. Somehow, I knew we would both have struggles and I knew it was happening as soon as we shared a moment together.



Now back to my Wednesday memory of Tuesday. When I shared with Amy my symptom list, she remembered the times where I blanked out, as though I fell asleep. When I did, she called me back. It was a nice experience coming back from nothingness into a loving moment, but at the same time I wonder where this black-out time is leading me to. Coming back to a loving moment makes my hassles easier to deal with.

She is going through difficult times with her speech and her thinking, like mine, is affected. Her walk and her ability to stand are becoming harder. Her difficulties actually strengthen our bond, for I feel comfortable as we both struggle with challenges we cannot control. I feel the love that connects me to the essence of my life is the love that entwines our hearts together.

The other day I wondered what our future would be, but I know the love we share today will be there. Our health will be a challenge for both of us, but we will be together till the end, loving each other. We said we can’t imagine living without the other, so I pray the rest of our lives will be a celebration of what we have in the moment. In many ways our life seems to be slowing down, but on the other hand I fantasize exciting times we could share. When I share a fantasy with Amy, we get into it and then realize our health wouldn’t allow that to happen. I still think our fantasies would be possible, so I don’t want to give them up.


Let me share what happened when I moved to Michigan. In 2008, my Mom’s health took a turn for the worse. My Mom and I had a deep, even spiritual relationship. Her love came with an incredible wisdom and it manifested through her as an amazing mother. The beautiful part of our relationship was she was a great mother and also my best friend. So when the threat of death seemed as though death could be around the corner, I left California and my life for over 25 years and went to be with her.

I continue to see Dr. Irani, the MS specialist. In 2014, I began seeing Dr. Adam Marks, a pain management specialist in Palliative Care.  From there, I was in Hospice for 3 months and then I returned to Palliative care, a step below Hospice. I get amazing attention from the nurses and the head of the Palliative Care program.

Actually my Mom and I were in Hospice at the same time. After my Mom learned about me being in Hospice, she often said “I hope I die before you.” She was closer to death than I was, but I understood her perspective.

The reason I brought my Mom into the picture as I talked about Amy, was that Amy and I visited my Mom every Saturday for years before she died. Sharing that part of my life with Amy and seeing her and my Mom connect with love, created a strong bond between Amy and me.

Now I want to share about another amazing person in my life. Eeta has been an amazing friend and an incredible care-giver. She understands my health care much better than I do. She takes control of my medicine; she orders it when I run out and sorts the 38 pills I take daily into the 6-hr intervals. She not only takes care of my medicine needs, she helps me with transportation to doctor appointments and joins me in them.

After I tell the doctor my view of what’s happening with me, because I sometimes forget, she fills in what I forgot to share with the doctor. She records and remembers what the doctor recommends. She helps me with more than my medical needs; she does what I need help with around my apartment. There is a special kind of love that happens when you appreciate someone and I feel it with Eeta.


On Tuesday I had a meeting with Dr. Marks to review my symptoms. Eeta and I made a list of 8 symptom’s to talk to him about and before he came, we had 12 symptoms.

We talked about different areas of pain and he adjusted the amount of pain pills I should take. There was a symptom concerning my left eye was going more blind.  I also complained about my thinking and the inability to concentrate and follow conversations, or even TV movies. This makes it difficult to be social and interacting with family and friends.

After his meeting I saw the inability to see caused a disequilibrium that affects my concentration. It isn’t easy to really concentrate when you are not used to seeing as good as you did before. I haven’t adapted to not seeing well and it affected my thinking problems. I hope this will change soon, or at least that I adapt to it quickly.  I think this is a recurring process; I will get a new symptom and it will take time to adapt to it before it becomes a part of me. Then, unfortunately, it will probably happen again.

I benefit from making a symptom list to go over with my doctor. I feel it organizes my mind and just by stepping back I deal with symptoms better.  Another benefit of the list is that it makes it easier to share my problems with the doctor and with other interested people. My symptoms are difficult to deal with, but when they are received with love, it is easier. Thank God, I have a lot of love in my life.


Entering the Conscious Moment With Commitment

Imagine the conscious mind as a portal for consciousness to enter your life. In a conscious moment, where lovers share tenderness, that moment is charged with simple love. In a conscious moment, when you are alone, that moment is charged with a loving connection with God. When you are in a conscious moment without any leaks, you are connected to an unlimited consciousness.  Unfortunately that moment can have leaks, where consciousness leaks out. These leaks are thoughts or mental conditioning that grab your attention and too often become repetitive.

A commitment is where you give your all in a relationship and share a conscious moment. In relationship with God, to give yourself 100%, you cannot have leaks that drain consciousness from the moment. Leaks like attachments, thoughts you cannot control like desires and emotions like anger or fear, drain consciousness and limit how much you give of yourself. That relationship would have a limited commitment and a limited quality of experience.

When the experience isn’t strong, theories fill in the blanks. Without a strong experience, commitments are weak and the whole relationship may be theoretical. Religious fanatics or people in story-book relationships may believe their relationship has a strong commitment, but their commitment is really to their mind. Even in that case, their love has that ability to break down theoretical walls and strong commitments can be developed.

This may sound like only yogis or high spiritual people can have strong commitments, but even if you limit leaks on the material level, leaks can easily happen; like the celibate desiring sex. That desire is a leak. My parents weren’t spiritual, but their commitment was incredibly strong. I feel no matter what your situation is, that conscious moment exists for you.

I think the purpose of life is to have your relationships to be 100% committed without any leaks. Be it with God or your lover, a conscious moment is amazing. Here is a simple 4 step process I teach for entering the moment:

  1. Realize that you can have a conscious moment and be willing to enter it.
  2. Get away from the idea, ‘I can’t do it.’
  3. Take a breath that is free from your thoughts; imagine breathing into silence
  4. Relax and a complete breath takes you into the conscious moment

If you practice this for about 5 minutes before you go to sleep and upon awakening for at least 10 days, this will become a habit. Then when you are in a loving moment or a deep communication with God, that conscious moment is there for you without you even having to think about it.

                I feel to live a complete life, you have to live in a conscious moment. I could feel disappointed in my life without health, wealth and my own children, but I feel fortunate to sometimes have conscious moments. I know people in my family that have them all. If I could have any of health, wealth or a conscious moment, I am glad my focus is on having a conscious moment and super happy to have someone to share it with-Amy.

Dealing with a New Diagnosis

A health crisis is one of the most challenging struggles we will face in our life. We will all face challenges. Sometimes, we can control what happens and sometimes we can’t. In both cases, it is how you approach that challenge that determines how you deal with it. In this article, we will see how your self-image plays a significant role in how you deal with challenges. For instance, when you first hear the doctor say that you have a particular illness; that is a significant challenge that you have to become actively involved with. We, too often, look outside for the solution to our challenges.

Especially when you deal with a health crisis, you have to look within and tap what I call the Wisdom of your Body. The Wisdom of the Body is the home of your inner resources. It exists in the silence beyond your thoughts and choreographs every action your body performs.

The “self-image” is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.

Maxwell Maltz, author Psycho-Cybernetics

Every time we think, it is as though we just spoke, but on a very subtle level. It is as though thinking is like talking to your self-image and your response to those thoughts comes from who you are talking to.  A Positive Self-image naturally gives you positive responses that come from the Wisdom of the Body. If you have a Negative Self-image, you will tend to get limited, even negative responses. If you changed your self-image, you will get different responses. It is your responsibility to identify with a self-image that serves you.

Let me give you a definition of Positive Self and Negative Self. A Positive Self-image is the easiest way to connect to the Wisdom of the Body. It is the part of you that exists in the moment and can meet your challenges with powerful inner resources. This is the conscious way for you to deal with a new diagnosis. It is a way that you connect to inner resources that will be helpful to empower you to be a significant partner with your doctor.

A Negative Self-image is the self-image that comes from your past conditioning and only represents the conditioned part of you. It is the part of you that created habits and responds in the moment with those habits, whether appropriate or not. When facing a new diagnosis, this is the part of you that panics and does not accept powerful inner resources.

When a person is ill, it is very often not the illness that determines the outcome, as much as the attitude of the patient. Norman Cousins, author and philosopher, said that 50% of healing is the doctor’s responsibility and 50% is the patient’s. But, the medical community too often treats patients as victims without encouraging them to play an active role in their own healing.

Being a victim has been the way most of us think.  But, when you are forced to deal with a challenge you cannot control, like an illness, changing your habitual perspective is essential. When we identify with our habits, they are difficult to change. Simply by changing your self-image, you get a new perspective and change becomes possible.

By consciously conditioning a new self-image, the part of you that interprets thoughts and perception, you see the world differently. Now, this new self-image is not pure fantasy; it can be made from your past experiences, so that you can identify with it. Even though the self-image you want to change was strongly conditioned and may resist change, you can create new habits that make it feel like a special part of you. When that special part of you deals with your problem, you respond more consciously with a stronger quality of life.

Aristotle said it simply over 2,300 years ago: “We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

We change our self-image frequently. For instance, as a young adult you may have had a serious illness, but were not encouraged to take an active role in healing. This created negative memories and habits that you have to grow out of to deal with your new diagnosis. As soon as you received the present diagnosis, past memories of poor performance bubbled up and created a doubting self-image. It is possible to consciously change that to a self-image that really serves you.

You must want to change before any real change can happen. If you approach struggle with the attitude that old habits cannot be changed, it will be very hard to make needed changes.

On the subconscious level, where self-images were created, you have the power to create an independent self-image. This is where you do not solely rely on external help. Looking at the brighter side of struggle means using it for growth. Participation begins at the level of our intentions. You have to intend to conquer your struggle before you become fully active.

The way people relate to you teaches you how you view yourself. Your self-image becomes a filter for everything you encounter in life. If people relate to you in terms more negative than positive, then you will likely have a Negative Self-image.

A Positive Self-image, on the other hand, can do wonders. The Positive Self-image helps you to connect to the Wisdom of the Body. Your Positive Self is the part of you that exists in your thinking mind that can directly communicate to this inner wisdom.

Your self-image can go from positive to negative several times a day. Accepting your Positive Self-image allows you to think more creatively, express your heart more truly, breathe differently and watch your inner wisdom as it performs its magic in healing.

Now, think of the challenge of your new diagnosis. Which part of you would be able to meet that challenge? Learn the Positive Self technique and develop it into a habit. Access it from your subconscious level with conscious triggers and prepare to meet your challenge at your full potential . Integrate your Positive Self into your daily life. Be open to accept the best parts of  you.

© 2015 Marc Lerner

The Formula for a Spiritual Quality of Life

The first issue in this formula is a complete breath. This breath has to be relaxed and free from stress. It has to travel beyond thinking and connect to the Wisdom of the Body, instead of  connecting to your thoughts. In a complete breath, you develop pure simple consciousness. Before you start, take a few moments and consciously breathe beyond your thoughts. Imagine your breath floating over your thoughts, instead of breathing into your thoughts.

This is beyond any anxious thoughts and connected to a freedom ego does not know exists. A complete breath activates the Wisdom of the Body, which empowers you to deal with any challenge. A spiritual quality is a complete breath minus anxious thinking:

Written as a formula, it is: Spiritual quality = complete breath – anxious thinking

The way you attain that is to focus on your breath as you ignore your thoughts. This is not a natural state of being for most people. It takes time to develop this formula into a habit. If you are in a health challenge, the alternative is to focus on thoughts of your interpretation of what is wrong with you and the future. That seldom helps you find quality. If you have unfinished business from the past, this would distract you from finding that spiritual quality and distort your efforts to participate in healing.

This is, of course, an evolved level to live at, but when in a health challenge you are forced to find that quality. People who are comfortable with their life are seldom forced to find this quality. This is the greatest benefit a health challenge offers. In this formula you live in, it helps you heal and cope with your struggle. Deal with any challenge with this Quality Formula and do not ignore your inner wisdom.

7 Responsibilities in the Art of Healing a Chronic Illness or Disability

Each of you have been given something that has evolved over millions of years; the Wisdom of your Body. When you develop a connection to this powerful inner resource, you play an active role in healing. When you ignore this resource; you tend to be a victim waiting for help.

When internal and external resources work together as partners; the best healing potential is realized. When you hide behind your thoughts and past conditioning, your medications will still work but your body will not respond with the eagerness to heal.

When you ask almost any sick person if they want to get better, their answer would be yes. If you looked deep inside of many patients; their body does not say the same thing. It says, ‘I am apathetic.’ Follow these seven requirements of healing and you will see if your sub-conscious mind really wants to heal.

  • You have to be responsible for your inner environment. Everything your mind creates exists because you want it to be there.
  • You have to be responsible for what part of you responds to your challenge. You have a positive side that responds harmoniously with the Wisdom of your Body and a negative side that responds harmoniously with your past conditioning. It is your choice which part of you responds to your health challenge.
  • You are responsible for the degree you trust this inner wisdom. Too often, we trust our past conditioning, which does not respond as well as that positive part of us. It is your choice.
  • You are responsible for your focus. Your focus triggers your body, which sends messages to your brain, so healing happens.
  • We are responsible for the attachments that block our awareness from performing its healing abilities. When you focus on your attachments, you are giving life to your old habits, instead of the part of you that needs to heal.
  • You are responsible for expressing your heart. Just as water cleans the inside of a pipe as it flows through, love flowing through you cleans the inside of you. Loving has a powerful effect on your will to live. The more you love…the stronger is your will to live.
  • Maybe the most important responsibility is in how you breathe. Your breath carries your awareness throughout your body. A shallow breath limits your healing process.

You can study each of these points and read expert analysis about them or you can just surrender to the Wisdom of your body and these automatically happen. It is just your mind that limits you.

What is Your Center Focus, Your Thoughts or Consciousness?

We have been defined and judged by the way we were thinking since we were a small child. I feel the best moments of my life happened when my focus went beyond thinking and yet that is not respected in our everyday world today. We have been taught not to trust what is not scientifically proven.

We are considered “out of our mind” if we venture beyond what is socially accepted, but think of your most outrageous moments. When you were in the zone and performed magic in whatever you did, I think the best part of you performed that action. In sports, creativity or simple problem-solving, you went deeper than your logical mind and yet, today, going to that depth is not always celebrated.

In your deepest spiritual moments your attachments hold you back from the spiritual depth where you feel closest to God. I feel we can have possessions, but when our consciousness gets caught in the thought of what we possess, that becomes an attachment that limits us. When thinking becomes the center of your life, you become ego-centric. Every thought has the potential to represent ego’s concerns. That may sound responsible, but that also limits you in many ways.

When you are conscious of your center; your breath integrates inner wisdom with everything you do. Of course you can think, but your entire being is free from mental limitations. That is what I call a complete breath and it is as simple as consciously breathing. Sometimes, when we face a serious struggle like illness, we are forced to that depth.

In our everyday life, that depth is ignored by focusing on thinking, but when you face a serious challenge, that depth becomes very important. That is where the Wisdom of the Body exists and all our inner resources are found. If you are a victim, that depth is ignored. If you take an active role in creating your life, that depth is your friend.

Habits Needed in Our Senior Years

I met a man who was an engineer and benefited from his thinking mind his entire adult life. He had been diagnosed with cancer after he retired and now had a fear of dying.  This new challenge meant he had to develop new ways of coping.

We live in a world where “you are what you think”. Rather a stupid quote, but a reality we have to deal with. We have been taught our thoughts are very important and as we grew us conscious thinking is what served you the best. In our senior years, the focus on thinking is what can limit us. It is the wisdom beyond thinking you need to meet your challenges, especially in a health challenge.

When awareness stops on thinking, we don’t activate the Wisdom of our Body. The beauty of challenges is that they force us to go beyond ourselves to deal with them. Those who avoid meeting challenges at that depth may find comfort in their conditioning, but will seldom grow. As we age, health problems will be more likely. To meet the challenge of aging, you have to grow.

A person with a well-developed intellect tends to be able to afford external pleasures because they had a good job. They found pleasure outside of themselves consistently, but those habits will not be enough to meet the challenges of retirement and poor health. They need habits that direct them inside, so they can connect to the Wisdom of their Body.

The main obstacle to connect is how we were conditioned as a child.  To meet our challenges, we need the Wisdom of the Body. A conscious connection can be developed at any time in our life. As seniors we may need to recondition our internal habits, so they connect to our inner wisdom instead of old thinking habits.

Are you comfortable exploring the reality beyond your thoughts? If not, learn to consciously condition habits that connect you to the Wisdom of your body. That wisdom can do everything ego can do, but meets your new challenges.

To learn new habits that help your character evolve, read Marc’s book, The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life. To help you in health challenges, read Marc’s book, A Healthy Way to be Sick. Books are available on Amazon/Kindle.com.


(c) 2015  Marc Lerner

What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Choices?

I don’t think there is a situation where you don’t have a choice. If all you do is focus on thinking, it may be that you just haven’t thought about it yet, so your thoughts don’t serve you. When I find myself in that situation, my greatest choice is to focus beyond my thoughts.

When most people find themselves in a situation where they think they do not have a choice, they resist or panic. Actually most of our choices are not really choices; they are the expressions of our past conditioning. We choose what seems to be harmonious with our past habits and we think that is free choice. In reality, that choice is just focusing on our thoughts and following our past conditioning.

A quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti gives another way of looking at how we participate in life. “To observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” If we avoid our thoughts and that evaluation, we observe what happens connected to what I call The Wisdom of the Body. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to focus on thinking and our observations always seem to have choices. What if when we face a situation that doesn’t have obvious choices; we learned to appreciate that higher way to evaluate what is happening to us?

Without focusing on thinking, we stop searching for alternative ways and we learn to trust the Wisdom of the Body. That doesn’t mean we don’t search for alternative ways; it just means we approach that challenge from a deeper inner wisdom. From a conscious perspective the alternatives we choose become more effective. We eliminate the old habits that compromise our efforts and we utilize external resources at their potential.

Within the body of every individual exist powerful inner resources. These are needed when you face a challenge you cannot control, such as dealing with a chronic illness or disability.  Connecting to this deeper wisdom is the role every patient must accept, regardless of what your treatment is.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every patient accepted their role in healing as though they were a significant member of their treatment team? Learn the patient’s role in healing through Marc Lerner’s book, A Healthy Way to be Sick, available on Amazon/Kindle.com.  Learn to deal with challenges you cannot control.

© 2015 Marc Lerner

Bio from Self Growth.com

Marc Lerner is the President of Life Skills Institute and has been working with people in a health struggle for over 28 years. He is the author of the e-books A Healthy Way to be Sick and A Light Shines Brighter in Darkness, which help people in a struggle connect to The Wisdom of Their Body. He gives tele-seminars and lectures entitled Connecting to Your Center, which you can enroll in at http://alightshinesbrighterindarkness.org. Marc has had MS  for 28 years, is legally blind and in a wheelchair. The idea of a light shining brighter in darkness reflects a positive spirit during difficult times. If you or anyone you know faces a challenge you cannot control, Marc has developed simple techniques that transport your consciousness to powerful energy resources.

Spirituality and Healing, Discovering the Wisdom of the Body

Let me start by defining what I mean by spirituality and healing. Let me define spirituality not with words, but with experiential situations. First, in spirituality something greater than your conditioned ego controls your heart. That means your thoughts and past conditioning do not limit the expression of your heart. Just think of the quality of love shared in a spiritual moment. Your love for the people in your life exists without any mental resistance and puts you into a conscious moment.  I call this the Wisdom of your Body.  Your preconceived attitudes about things do not influence the expression of your heart. Preferences and what you identify with do not influence the simple unconditional love that spirituality provides. How you were taught to think does not change the expression of the heart in silence, where you are deeply connected to the Wisdom of the Body.

Now, imagine how your heart relates to different aspects of your life, such as meeting a stranger. Of course that expression of the heart is different from family, friends and the people you love. The Wisdom of the Body expresses love appropriately, which means the expression depends on how it is received and how it is pulled from your heart.

The same is true when you relate to yourself. In a spiritual moment, loving yourself has love pulled from your heart determined by your relationship to the Wisdom of your Body. That means that something greater than your habitual ways of thinking relates to you with compassion and the utmost care. When people believe in God, this naturally happens, but is limited by the way they habitually think. In Latin, the word “believe” comes from “to allow”. If believing in God comes from love, you tend to allow that to be   wisdom’s deepest expression. It does not matter what religion you believe in; you allow wisdom’s love to be expressed. For many, this quality of love comes from past conditioning from family or romantic situations that were loving.

Another main expression is connected to your work or what you “do”. What you do and specifically how you do it comes from the sub-conscious mind. Our spontaneous expressions happen without deep contemplation and totally express who we are. Where we have a spiritual connection, those expressions allow quality love to be expressed without even thinking about it.

Now think of having your heart controlled by a higher consciousness as you deal with health challenges. How you relate to your problem reflects that quality of love. That activates a strong will to live and empowers the Wisdom of the Body to assist in healing. Without a clear love, your thoughts and past conditioning can limit the healing process. Self-judgment can cause anxiety, which inhibits the immune system and our natural way of healing. I feel a spiritual quality includes this pure simple love and it is available to everyone if they simply step out of the picture and accept the Wisdom of the Body. Illness and physical difficulties may still exist, but they are dealt with more consciously.

Another quality of spirituality is giving your life or consciousness to something greater than your conditioned way of thinking. Imagine taking consciousness from your habitual way of thinking and becoming more conscious of the Wisdom of the Body. That is like removing the power from thoughts that limit you and, in the process, activating the part that heals you. This can happen in a simple breath when your sub-conscious mind is consciously conditioned. With an in-breath you active this deeper wisdom and with the out-breath you carry that consciousness to every expression. This quality of breathing does not cure every illness; but as you deal with a health struggle you improve the quality of your life.

To many, spirituality makes them think too much. The spirituality I refer to happens as a natural expression, just as if you were breathing.  Breathing holds the secret to how we face challenges. In Latin, the word “worry” comes from “choke”. When we worry, we cut our breath short and minimize our participation. Just think, if it were as simple as breathing a conscious breath, we would not have worry. We do have the power to control our inner environment, even in a health crisis. Of course it will not cure every illness, but it will change the way you deal with your challenges. Breathing controls how you use consciousness. Just think if you became conscious of what heals you and unconscious of limitations.

Spirituality and healing begin with a loving heart. This is where you activate your inner resources as you aspire to completion. Healing is the expression of wisdom’s self-correction process. It is a natural expression along the path of deep spiritual experience. It involves breathing and deep control of your mind.

My work strives for this consciousness in almost everything I write about. Read over 90 of my articles on Ezine.com/MarcLerner. I encourage you to capture spiritual experiences in articles, poetry and in any way you heart expresses itself.

© 2015 Marc Lerner

What is the Benefit of the Silence Beyond Thinking?

We live in a world where our thoughts define our reality. What if we were able to become aware of the reality beyond thinking, the reality that was created by a greater power? This is what I call The Wisdom of the Body, the home of powerful inner resources. Because we constantly focus on thinking, this wisdom is ignored by most of us. When we face a difficult challenge, we have to be especially aware of this inner resource.

We live in a world where value is captured in thoughts or it goes unnoticed. Imagine really desiring something without being able to express it in words. Desires have power when they are put into words. Because our focus is on thinking most of the time, we would seldom strive for what we wanted if thoughts didn’t capture it.

Thinking is the vehicle our consciousness travels in when our ego does the driving. That is how we get what we want…but that is actually a very small part of life. Attraction happens when our consciousness is not locked into our thought patterns. Let me share how the power of being attracted to more than your thoughts really serves you. Let us explore five aspects of life that improve when you are open to being attracted to the reality beyond your thoughts.


Compatibility is often established when two people are attracted to each other and live in harmonious ways of thinking.  Thinking can become a shield that protects the heart, which can be touched when we let go of our old thought patterns. To let go requires vulnerability and real trust. A deep bond is established when your love takes you beyond yourself as you return to your old ways of thinking. The power of simple love is that it reveals the Wisdom of the Body and allows the best of you to emerge. Imagine if you were able to avoid limiting thoughts when you shared your heart; the quality of your life would naturally improve.

For example, you may be attracted to a person outside your typical way of thinking. This is when your consciousness goes beyond your habitual ways of thinking and touches your heart.  As in breathing, your consciousness goes in, touches your heart and returns to your old way of thinking.  The hardest thing in relationships is when the old way of thinking between the two people cannot be harmonized.  When you both connect to the Wisdom of the Body, your breathing transports your consciousness back to your heart. This is how both ways of thinking become harmonized.

In society, we interact with many people that we have not typically been comfortable with. We can develop habits that transport our consciousness to our heart as we breathe in. As we breathe out, we can deal with that interaction with our heart. For example, many people are uncomfortable interacting with disabled people. If their consciousness connected to their heart, instead of to their resistance, they would be able to deal with that person better. When the Wisdom of the Body controls our breathing, we naturally transport consciousness to our heart and deal consciously with what is in front of us



Beyond your thoughts is the Wisdom of your Body. This is the home of powerful inner resources that you need to heal. Unfortunately, we breathe into our thoughts and worries and give them life and limit that wisdom. When we give life to thoughts that harm us, we inhibit our natural protection and we tend to become ill. I prefer to let the doctors answer the question “why” we become sick and how we are to heal from illness; my role in healing is to allow the Wisdom of my Body to express itself.  If I can avoid limiting thoughts and connect to the Wisdom of the Body, I can actively participate in my healing. as an active partner with my doctor.

I feel the Wisdom of my Body responds to medications better than does my anxious ego. I eat when I am hungry and drink when I am thirsty. I exercise my heart, mind and body as I aspire to reach for this beyond thought reality…but I am still dealing with a chronic illness. The patient’s role in healing involves all of the above as you become a partner with your doctor, but illness may still be there to force you to grow.


Spirituality is when the Wisdom of your Body connects to the reality beyond your thinking mind. Religious rights and rituals interpret that experience into our thinking mind, but the spiritual connection comes from wisdom and consciousness connecting. Spirituality is not an intellectual exercise; understanding doesn’t replace simple surrender. Instead of our consciousness resting in our thoughts…there is a real connection to a higher consciousness.  A spiritual experience gives life to religious understanding and creates a special tenderness in your religious practice.


The word ‘education ‘comes from the Latin ‘to draw out.’  In true education, we draw from a child’s inner wisdom to bring out the best of them. Instead of indoctrinating them and committing education to memory, true education entails involving their inner wisdom.  Real education is experiential and involves the Wisdom of the Body instead of superficial learning relying on memory. When a child realizes the Wisdom of their Body is their best educational tool, the education process never ends.


Children express play on a joyous level with few rules and limiting self-concepts. It is our thinking mind that limits our deepest expression. That can be in sports or music, writing or humor. If we were able to eliminate limitations created by our thoughts and past conditioning, our efforts and intentions would emerge from our deepest inner wisdom. Talents are easier to develop when we have free expression than when we focus on limiting thoughts. Just think, if habits of play were encouraged in children, how that would affect their adult life.  It would give them an unlimited expression of their deepest wisdom.


This article shows you how important it is to develop the expression of the Wisdom of the Body in every aspect of life. To see how it applies in health, go to: Amazon/Kindle.com for Marc’s books. The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life, explores in depth the reality beyond thinking. A Healthy Way to be Sick, explores the beyond-thought reality in the healing process.

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