Goal Setting: Using Your Mind Instead of Your Mind Using You

The art of conscious goal-setting requires you to use your powerful inner resources without the limitations created by your mind. This article will teach you simple techniques to use when you face a health crisis. You will be forced to use powerful inner resources to save your life. Why can’t you use these resources to accomplish your goals?

Dan Kennedy, an accomplished author, often talks about how he programs his mind before bed to come up with the exact words he needs for a copywriting assignment. Napoleon Hill, motivational speaker, also talks about using your subconscious while you sleep (for your subconscious is always available to complete unfinished business).

There are two times daily when the doors to your subconscious are open; before you go to sleep and when you wake up. If you plant seeds in your subconscious at those times, they can develop into habits more easily.

Thomas Edison was a brilliant man, but sometimes even he faced problems he could not easily solve. When that happened, he would lie on a board between two chairs with a ball resting on his stomach and think of the problem. When he fell asleep, the ball would roll off and crash to the floor and – presto– he had the solution.


For you to accomplish your goals, you have to tap inner resources instead of an anxious mind. For people in a health crisis, these inner resources are called The Wisdom of the Body. In accomplishing any goal, you need clarity of thinking.  If you did not define yourself by the thoughts and habits you were conditioned to believe were you, you might be able to become aware of who listens to your thoughts.


Our consciousness activates our mind, listens to our thoughts and guides us to make conscious choices. Unfortunately, what listens to our thoughts are over-shadowed by what we think. So, if we try to accomplish a goal based only on thinking, we may ignore what I call the Wisdom of the Body and our ability to accomplish goals.

When we tend to exclusively focus on thinking, consciousness is too often ignored. We have the power to consciously condition our brain, so it responds to our input in a way that is harmonious with inner wisdom.

Limitations are created by worry.  In Latin, the word “worry” comes from the root “to choke.” Conscious breathing removes the aspect of worry, which really requires surrender to inner wisdom. That might sound easy to do, but accomplishing that simple goal may be our deepest spiritual goal. It is so easy for people focused on a goal to ignore surrender, because their thoughts seem so important.

A person in a health challenge may be forced to go beyond their everyday thoughts to connect to the Wisdom of the Body just to heal. When we have an important goal, we can accomplish the same thing. It is possible to aspire to our goals and have our breath take us beyond thinking.

Let us look at our breath and appreciate the challenge and the benefits of a complete breath. What we breathe into is what we give life to. We tend to breathe into our thoughts and past conditioning, for that is who we think we are. Giving life to thoughts can create attachments that limit us from our body’s wisdom. This is the cause of worry and shallow breathing. In essence, these limitations choke us.

When our breath goes beyond the creations of our mind, we breathe into silence. Breathing into silence gives life to the Wisdom of our Body. We need these inner resources to accomplish our important goals. In sports, when a person does not tap inner resources, they “choke;” when they do tap inner resources, they enter the “zone”.

The expression of wisdom is a positive self image, self trust and freedom from conditioned limitations. This is the best of you that can accomplish your goal.

Utilizing the Wisdom of the Body helps you accomplish any goal. When you face a challenge in your daily life and want to accomplish major goals, a positive self-image assists you in doing that. Go to Amazon/Kindle.com to find Marc Lerner’s book, The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life. When dealing with health goals, find Marc’s book, A Healthy Way to be Sick.

© 2015 Marc Lerner

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