Marc Lerner teaches people how to create conscious habits that take us to that depth. Learn how to create these habits through the Life Skills techniques: go to  to learn about the Life Skills Approach and link to his archived radio shows that explain his techniques. The quality of life does not depend on the health of your body; it depends on your focus.

Remember, beyond all of our thoughts exists the zone consciousness in every moment of our life. We just need to learn how to connect to it and trigger it whenever we fade into inappropriate thinking habits.

Just think, if this skill was taught to our kids in school, it would be just as valuable as reading, writing and arithmetic. A positive self-image helps our children to face the challenges in their life, using the best part of them.

These qualities would help to create a strong, loving family life.

In sports, that state of mind is called The Zone. This is where we perform with excellence and deal with our life from a conscious perspective. The zone consciousness exists all the time; we just need to learn how to connect to it. Mothers with newborns naturally find that consciousness.

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Having a Good Time Being Chronically Ill or Disabled 

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The Rebellious Approach to Healing 

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What Part of You Listens to Your Thoughts 

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The Habits of Empowered People 

How to Break a Habit in a Week 

Creating a Quality Life With Every Challenge 

What Part of You Listens to Your Thoughts 

Learning How to Let Go of Your Life 

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  1. Approaching Death


What Part of You Listens to Your Thoughts

Consciously Facing the Threat of Death 

Consciously Mourning For a Loved One Who Recently Died 

Fear of Death – A Limitation That Can Be Changed 


Goal Setting: Using Your Mind Instead of Your Mind Using You

The art of conscious goal-setting requires you to use your powerful inner resources without the limitations created by your mind. This article will teach you simple techniques to use when you face a health crisis. You will be forced to use powerful inner resources to save your life. Why can’t you use these resources to accomplish your goals?

Marc Lerner 2015

When the essence of your life, which is consciousness, connects to something like another person or your work, a commitment is formed. A superficial level of commitment happens when your consciousness connects to the thoughts of something and you are just left committed to your own mind. The most common example of a deeper commitment is when your consciousness connects to another’s heart and you are conscious of more than your own mind.  In this article, we will explore how commitment is used in healing.


What Part of You Interprets Your Thoughts    *

The part of you that listens to your thoughts is the subtle consciousness which is the essence of life. Most people think life is represented by their thoughts, but this essence is beyond thoughts.

© 2014 Marc Lerner

What a Healthy Person Can Learn From Someone in a Health Crisis

When a person deals with a health challenge, they are forced to learn amazing life lessons, but you do not have to be sick to learn them. You just have to follow the mental path they were forced to follow as they coped with their challenge. Maybe their self-image sabotaged their life and they got sick as they struggled with it. You do not have to get sick to go through that transformation. You just have to be willing to change your self-image.

© 2014 Marc Lerner

What Part of You Listens to Your Thoughts

The part of you that listens to your thoughts is the subtle consciousness which is the essence of life. Most people think life is represented by their thoughts, but this essence is beyond thoughts. From this consciousness, you interpret your thoughts and the imagery can communicate to your body. Most people think about their mind simply using their thoughts.

© 2014 Marc Lerner

Investing in Consciousness by Marc Lerner

The main issues of today are dealt with by focusing on what people believe. For instance, some people believe that the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, was justified by the police. And others believe it wasn’t. Another issue is going to war in the Middle East against ISIS. Some people feel it is not our business and we should not be involved; others feel that they are a threat against America and we are justified to be active against them.

When a person experiences constant severe pain, it can drive them to the edge, where they might consider suicide as an option. This article is written by a person that experiences pain of that intensity. Pain pills can make the pain tolerable, but cannot always take it away. This article shows an alternative way to cope with pain and experience a deep selfless reality.

We love today based on how we were loved as a child; if that does not suit you, recondition your mind to reflect quality love and not conditioning. This is not a habit of your conscious mind; it is a subconscious habit. Learn how to condition a loving habit in your subconscious and it will be natural to express.

Pain is an intense part of many illnesses. You cannot always control the pain, but you can always change how you perceive it. What this article offers is how to deal with intense pain simply by the way you perceive it. The pain may not go away, but consciously perceiving it can separate you from it and decrease the intensity of it.

In this article I want to deal with our Education Program and the National Health plan. If we looked at empowering children to develop the life skills needed to learn better and the skills needed to deal with a health program, they would be better prepared to meet their challenges in the future.

The handicapped vacationer needs to find a peaceful center within themselves. When you focus there, it is easy to ignore the thoughts that bother you about your handicap. In fact, when you focus on that center, even the handicapped person is transported into a tranquil experience and can have fun.

Forgiving yourself and forgiving other people begins with how you use your own brain. Forgiveness has a powerful effect on how we create the attitude we have in our everyday life. When we don’t forgive, we hold onto thoughts about what was wrong. That holding-on process stops our awareness from connecting to powerful inner resources and limits us in whatever we do. That is why forgiveness is an essential part of the healing process or how you deal with any challenge.

When people find themselves in challenges they cannot control, the first tendency for most is to look outside for help. Before they get external help, they need to develop the survival skills that create clarity inside the recipient, so that what is offered is consciously received.

When people find themselves in challenges they cannot control, the first tendency for most is to look outside for help. Before they get external help, they need to develop the survival skills that create clarity inside the recipient, so that what is offered is consciously received. When they consciously enter the moment, center themselves and actively get involved in creating their life, they are able to survive a challenge they cannot control. This could include a chronic, disabling disease, a disability or other challenge they cannot control.

There can be several distractions that keep us up at night, but the most common is the creations of our own mind. The fact is that we think almost all of the time, but we don’t always focus on those thoughts. To get to sleep, we have to move our focus beyond thinking and become aware of the silence beyond our thoughts. This may not seem to be easy to do, but you can develop yourself so it becomes a habit.

The hospital is a place where a lot of frustration and anxiety meet professional care. It is a place where an incredible amount of information is shared. In this article, we will focus on the patient’s role in dealing with being in the hospital. Ideally, the patient should strive to be in a super-conscious state of mind. This means being totally aware in the moment without the distraction of their own thoughts.

It seems as though being sick means you are not supposed to have a good time…but why not? If you are going to deal with health challenges, have a good time doing it. If you have a choice, which you do, why not choose to enjoy yourself? Humor can set the tone of how you deal with difficult challenges, either light or heavy. How you interpret your reality defines the quality of your life and your ability to meet your challenge.

We have been brought up in a society that teaches us on rely on doctors, because they know the scientific approach to health. Doctors have gone to school for a long, intense education, but patients have not been taught how to be active and conscious patients. I want to propose that the high recidivism rate of hospital admissions has a lot to do with not empowering patient participation.

After 30 years of dealing with an incurable disease, I was forced to deal with my life in a completely new way. My main habits were formed by the way I think, so it seemed like I automatically completed sentences as soon as the topic came up. Thinking habits are ways we view our life, but after my illness, many of my old habits did not seem applicable. I had to find a new way of thinking. I had a choice; I could either go through every aspect of my life and determine the best way of doing things or I just had to create habits that changed the way I interpreted my situation.

A person’s character is often determined by their external possessions or actions, but the real quality of character comes from the habits created in your mind. Habits that create your self-image are based on how you were related to when you were younger. The way people related to you teaches you how to relate to yourself. This article focuses on the habits we create that define our character.

When a habit is formed, it contains the consciousness you were in when it was developed. The self-image you had and the quality of self-trust you had when it was developed automatically define the quality of the habit. So the simple way to break a bad habit is self-development. Simply by developing the habits of these life skills, you will be conscious enough in a week to avoid falling into the trap of your bad habit. Only you have the power to control this internal phenomenon.

If pure consciousness is at the core of everyone, your environment starts with your body. Most people look to their environment to find quality, but the highest quality exists at your center. When you develop habits that aspire to connect to your center, you can deal with every challenge with confidence, utilizing powerful inner resources. When you go that deep, you naturally find quality in life totally independent from any struggle.

The part of you that listens to your thoughts is the subtle consciousness which is the essence of life. Most people think life is represented by their thoughts, but this essence is beyond thoughts. From this consciousness, imagery can communicate to your body. Most people think about their body simply using their thoughts. That is like talking to a foreigner in a language they do not understand.

This title might sound suicidal, but this is not my intention. When you look at your life as the consciousness that keeps you alive and allows you to be more active, letting go of your life is freeing your consciousness. You are freeing it from your thoughts and conditioning. This allows you to be conscious of powerful inner resources and develop a deep spiritual connection. This goes against the way most people live their life.

When a person faces a challenge they cannot control, like an illness that puts them close to death, they need to learn to focus on the silence beyond their thoughts. We have been conditioned to focus on thinking our entire life, but there isn’t a comforting thought that really prepares you for that challenge. That preparation develops throughout a lifetime. Qualities like confidence, which in Latin comes from “con fide” or with faith, determines how you face that challenge. Real confidence doesn’t change your challenge, it just determines how you deal with it.

When a person deals with a health challenge, they are forced to learn amazing life lessons. You don’t have to be sick to learn them; you just have to follow the mental path they were forced to follow as they coped with their challenge. Maybe their self-image sabotaged their life and they got sick as they struggled with it. You don’t have to get sick to go through that transformation, you just have to be willing to change.

One of our most valuable gifts is our focus. I define focus as how we direct our awareness; for what we give our attention to, is what we become conscious of. Even though our visual focus may seem little more than a glance, our awareness has the ability to transport our consciousness. Unfortunately, most of our glances are unconscious and that is like spilling our consciousness out without any concern.

It is easier to empower people to be their best than it is to serve people who expect government services to take care of them. In President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union speech, he said that “We are one people and we have to win the future.” He added that our challenges can’t discourage us; we need to be innovated to meet that challenge as the family of man with a can-do attitude. Of course, we need a lot of Research and Development to solve our challenges, but a significant R&D has to take place within each of us.

Most people who deal with short-term memory loss have an instant self-judgment when it occurs. We tend to use our thoughts and memories as crutch that we lean on so that we feel solid and grounded. I propose a new way to feel solid and in the moment and ready to deal with life’s challenges. If we were able to lean on our breath and follow the subtle flow beyond our thoughts, short-term memory loss would not be a problem. Here are 5 points we need to be consciously in the moment with short-term memory loss.

When someone you love deals with a health problem that cannot be easily solved, the healthy ego sometimes has a hard time dealing with it. Having no solution to their problem creates a disequilibrium that feels uncomfortable. Whenever we have nothing to do when we face a challenge, it is not only uncomfortable; it inhibits our deepest wisdom from manifesting. This is true for both the patient and the caring observer.

George Harrison has a beautiful quote: “When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.” Beyond yourself is simply going beyond the thoughts that represent you. At this depth, you enter silence and tap powerful inner resources that give you peace and help you heal. We avoid this depth because we are attached to the creations of our mind. Once we enter this depth, we find real peace and feel at home.

The act of bullying is an attempt to subconsciously prove yourself to be superior. It comes from a lack of confidence and though the act doesn’t really help to make one confident, it can win approval from others. Confidence emerges from within, so the approval of others creates a superficial confidence that can cause harm to everyone involved.

In the media today, the current focus is on the increase of suicide among teens who report being bullied. Society has placed so much importance on thinking that our kids are basically trapped in their mind. When a child is caught in a situation that he cannot control, or he has no one to turn to for help, all he has is his own thoughts to fall back on. When that happens, he feels as though his thoughts represent reality.

We have the ability to control how we listen when we learn to breathe consciously. Most of the time, our breath and our ability to listen seem completely separate, but how we breathe has a direct effect on how well we listen. If listening is just putting input into the folders in our mind, it would be hard to hear something new. Our breath has the ability to make us conscious beyond the folders in our mind, so that we can really listen.

The US is ranked 20th in the world in the quality of education. The standard of education in America is influenced by the number of days in the year that students attend school and the age at which foreign languages, math and science are introduced. As the wealthiest country in the world, it is outrageous that we rank so low in educating our children. It is the prime reason America will be shifting as a world leader in the future. We have to look at how we can prepare our children to lead our country in every aspect of intellectual pursuits; this involves scientific work and social economics, where every person has the right and the ability to make a comfortable living.

Some people get more attention by sharing their problems than by striving to go beyond their limitations. This is especially true when you face a health challenge, for it is easier to get sympathy and kindness from others than to get praise for being well. When you focus on what is wrong with you, you are actually giving life to your problems. Our weakness seems to grab our attention and trigger the need to seek getting care from others. When we are sick, we need to consciously avoid falling into these habits.

In our world today, most of us focus constantly on our thoughts. It is not uncommon for most of us to believe that our thoughts are reality.

The nature of dreams is having your mind complete your unfinished business. Most of the time, this phenomenon happens without any intention and simply works on the unfinished business from your everyday activities or from your past. But what if you were able to consciously use this function of your brain?

When a person experiences the negativity of depression, his or her natural reaction is to look for an instant cure. Fortunately, today there exists effective medication for depression, but that doesn’t excuse a conscious patient from actively participating in healing. A study of depression provides an interesting situation to realize the necessity of harmony in the patient-doctor relationship in managing a chronic illness.

When the essence of your life, which is consciousness, connects to something, a commitment is formed. A superficial level of commitment happens when your consciousness connects to the thoughts of something and you are just left committed to your own mind.

When most people face a challenge, they focus on the difficulty that lies before them or how they are going to deal with it. What if we use the challenges we face to grow and develop ourselves? Simply changing your perspective does not eliminate the challenge, but if you approach it consciously, you can develop yourself in many ways. Listed below are ten ways you can use a challenge to improve yourself and better deal with your struggle.

The reaction to stress is determined by how it is interpreted. Being able to control how a traumatic event is interpreted can play a significant role in helping bullied children deal with their challenge.

When most of us prepare for a challenge, we think of what we can do. I want to propose a way to prepare for challenges that involves developing oneself on a subconscious level.

This article shows that there is a conscious way of mourning. Instead of focusing on our habitual way of thinking, which normally connected us to the person, we need to develop a heartfelt connection. When we focus on our thoughts, we trigger habitual ways of thinking. If we could focus on a heartfelt connection, we would still mourn without our old habits frustrating us.

When I was young and I said something stupid, I was often asked “where are you coming from?” Usually I was coming from a shallow place where I was just focused on thinking. Now that question has a deeper significance, for when I deal with a chronic illness, where I am coming from determines the quality of my life. The events in my life are not so significant, but how I interpret my life is; for that is where I am coming from.

Everyone realizes that every breath has two parts, the in-breath and the out-breath. The purpose of this article is to study those parts in brief points, so that the focus do not land your awareness in thinking, but allows a complete breath to float through you without any interference from your mind.

In a free society, the freedom of choice is what defines who we are…or is that just a belief? For many people, that freedom means just the ability to follow the way they have been conditioned to live. So, if you follow the habits you were conditioned to identify with, is that really a free choice? When we face a trauma, like a health crisis, we are often forced to go beyond our conditioned habits to meet that challenge.

We live in a world where our thoughts define our reality. What if we were able to become aware of the reality beyond thinking, the reality that was created by a greater power. This is what I call The Wisdom of the Body, the home of powerful inner resources. Because we constantly focus on thinking, this wisdom is ignored by most of us. When we face a difficult challenge, we have to be especially aware of this inner resource.

Waiting is a skill we often ignore. It may seem to have as little value as nothingness, but in Zen, nothingness is a profound state of being.

I define consciousness as our life force. When you take away all of our distractions and limitations, we become more conscious. It isn’t that consciousness evolves, for it is we who evolve to be conscious.

When we face difficult times, how we perceive the situation we are in may cause depression. It is not what happens in the world around us, what other people say or the promise of a dismal future, but by our own mind. When we focus on our thoughts, our own brains create our experience.

The idea of facing a challenge and feeling as though you are given a second chance develops because of your perspective. Too often, we look for external situations to be the reason we have a second chance, but what happens within your brain creates the feeling as though you can deal with this challenge again from a better part of you. If that is true; you have the power to create second chances independent of any external change.

Buddha gave us a spiritual secret when he told us to be free from attachments to find spiritual depth. The simple path to free yourself from attachments is to remove consciousness from the thoughts you are attached to. We become attached to memories, possessions and things by leaving our consciousness in those thoughts. I believe consciousness is the power of life and connects us to the people, places and things we are attached to. People facing a difficult challenge, such as a disability or a chronic illness, often pray to be freed from their struggle.

Imagine the power you have in the simple act of how you interpret your reality. The person with an externally directed focus only looks outside for the solutions to his problems. The person with an internally focused awareness tends to look within for the solutions of his problems. Both inner and outer focus have qualities for solutions, but like a conscious breath, the inner and outer harmoniously work together.

What if you had a choice to respond from intellect or inner wisdom? We are never a victim when we accept the natural power of the Wisdom of our Body. When old habits don’t serve you, you have the power to change them.

In our country today, we have to be willing to address more than time and effort. To compete globally, we have to take the people we work with, family and friends, to a place they have not completely mastered. Our life has to express more than the accepted way of thinking. It is not enough to just accomplish our goals; we have to express growth opportunities.

Patients can participate in healing on more levels than thinking. Participating from more than asking questions and focusing on the thinking level ignites the Wisdom of the Body. In fact beyond their thoughts is the Wisdom of their Body, which is the home of powerful inner resources. Patients tap those resources when they fall in love, lose a loved one or have special things happen to them; why can’t we tap those resources when we need them to heal?

The purpose of this article is to help people cope with disabilities. They may be surrounded by loving, quality support, but identify an emptiness they experience because they live in a different reality.

As our country struggles to reform health care, we have to look beyond the obvious issues concerning health. If we only focus on the deficit and insurance company profit, which are significant concerns, we may miss an important opportunity. We need to focus on the patient and develop their participation so it benefits them after their health crisis is over. If the person who got sick learned to tap inner resources, they could be a significant partner in health care. That could lower health expenses and reduce suffering. Equally important, connecting to inner resources helps them re-enter society better able to make significant contributions.

The medical profession today is an amazing resource in healing. I define a victim as the person who only looks outside for the solutions to their problem. If a person gets excellent medical care and they only look outside, they can become a victim. The empowered patient actively participates with the medical professionals as a partner in the healing process. Both the victim and the empowered patient can have a chronic illness and need medical care.

When people focus on their thinking, they communicate in the cultural way they were conditioned to live in. Their language, habits and values were taught to them by the people they grew up with and they tend to believe that is the correct way to think. If they were taught to go beyond thinking and connect to a deeper inner wisdom, like music or silence, they would be closer to a universal language.

I don’t think there is a situation where you don’t have a choice. If all you do is focus on thinking, it may be that you just haven’t thought about it yet, so your thoughts don’t serve you. When I find myself in that situation, my greatest choice is to focus beyond my thoughts. In this article we explore the option of viewing situations without the option of choice from the Wisdom of the Body.

In spirituality something greater than your conditioned ego controls your heart. That means your thoughts and past conditioning don’t limit the expression of your heart. Just think of the quality of love shared in a spiritual moment. Your love for the people in your life exists without any mental resistance and puts you into a conscious moment. I call this the Wisdom of your Body.

A recession is an illness our country has and we have to participate in healing it as if we were sick. When dealing with an illness, people have to go beyond their conditioned habits and tap their inner resources to become an active part of the healing process. Our nation, actually the world, is our collective body and we all are but atoms of that body and we are sick. Use this article to face difficult times and personally grow. When you grow, you can better deal with challenges and contribute to the solution.

We basically have two choices when we deal with a challenge and each of them has many options. In this article, we are going to study the choices and see what serves us the best. I want to show you that, how our mind was conditioned determines how we deal with challenges. To change that, we need to consciously re-condition our mind.

True self trust is when you trust the Wisdom of your Body, not the concept of yourself. We trust what is important to us, but, when our focus is limited to thinking, we place most importance on our thoughts and ignore inner wisdom.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we have to really look at how we perceive it. When we look at Earth Day and light pollution, we see how limited our perception of the miracle we live in is. Light pollution traps us visually in the earth’s atmosphere as we ignore our greater reality.

Habits are created by the way significant people relate to you. As we grow up, those habits define who we are and we identify with them. We need to identify with the consciousness that listens to our thoughts and triggers our habits, more than we identify with our conditioning. Consciously becoming unconscious is a way to ignore limiting thoughts and habits. Once we learn this important lesson; we are free from the limitations created by our mind. That is when we love, heal and manifest the best. Ignoring limitations is a conscious thing to do.

To deal with a health challenge we need to tap the Wisdom of our Body. That is how we participate in healing utilizing powerful inner resources and how to avoid becoming a victim. In sick financial times we need that same inner wisdom to participate. Victims only look outside for the solution to their problems, empowered people look within and become partners with the experts. That is how we have to face every challenge and be a conscious patient in sick financial times.

I tried pain medication, but the side effects were a sacrifice that sometimes forced me to tolerate the pain. This is where the Wisdom of the Body uses evolution to solve your problem. When your old habitual ways of coping doesn’t serve you; inner wisdom explores new approaches.

Finding quality in the moment is not defined by your health or wealth or by other people. Real quality exists without any external conditions. When you find that quality, it attracts you into the moment where you utilize powerful inner resources to accomplish your goals. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to focus on thinking and we consistently ignore the precious qualities of spiritual healing. Here are tips on how to develop the life skills needed for consciously living in the moment.

We control the world around us all of the time and when we can’t, that depresses us. Imagine living in an environment where you were hassled every day. I am not talking about minor hassles, but those that are physically painful and often make you feel less than normal. I am talking about your body during a health crisis.

During difficult times our mind can either evolve us to a higher level or it defeats us. We have to learn how to preside over our mind or we become victims of how we were conditioned in the past. When you accept the power you naturally have, you will never be a victim to your past conditioning. Learn how the way you use your mind plays a significant role in how you face your challenges.

A challenge forces you to go beyond what you are comfortable with, to venture into the unknown. We all have habits that we can easily fall back on, but we can do that without being conscious in the moment. This article shows you how to set the priority of personal growth, regardless of the seriousness of your challenge.

Unfortunately in our society we are taught where to find the solutions to our problems outside of ourselves. In so many ways that is an efficient way to meet challenges, but there are situations where external authorities don’t have the answers.

First you need a strong positive self image that accepts the Wisdom of your Body. This self image is on your everyday thinking level but has the ability to go beyond thinking and tap the Wisdom of your Body and powerful inner resources. Your Negative Self is a captive in the mind; for it is impossible for a captive to be free from your mental reality.

Usually, our connection to that incredible resource is developed through our past conditioning. Seldom were we taught to connect to that inner reality. My illness seemed to force me beyond my past conditioning and I was able to experience the Wisdom of my Body.

I met an engineer who had benefited from his thinking mind his entire adult life. Now, in his retirement, he was experiencing a chronic fear of death. Beyond our conditioned mind, which we identify with, exists the inner resources needed when we are challenged. Can we go beyond our past to get to them? Since we trust what is important to us, we need to learn to make our life and inner wisdom important as we trust them.

I love the saying; a light shines brighter in darkness; so in the midst of a chronic illness your light definitely shines. There is one little trick to insure brightness and that requires you to focus beyond your thoughts. When your awareness focuses on thinking, your light dims to concentrate on the idea. If your awareness goes beyond thinking, a deeper light shines through whatever struggle you face.

The way we approach challenges determines how we react to them. We can focus outside of our self and just think of what has to happen, which is what usually happens. Or we can focus within to assure the best part of us deals with that challenge.

It is so easy to focus on what is wrong with you when you deal with a health challenge because it doesn’t feel so good. What if those unpleasant feelings forced you to a depth that takes you far beyond your normal consciousness?

We may think there are many difficult challenges in our life, but our ultimate challenge is to go beyond our own thoughts and accept the wisdom of the body in silence. That is our ultimate challenge because it is beyond ego’s control. When you take that step into silence, you go beyond the limitations created by your ego.

The first issue in this formula is a complete breath. This breath has to be relaxed and free from stress. It has to travel beyond thinking and connect to the Wisdom of the Body instead of your thoughts. In a complete breath; which takes practice to develop habits of, you develop pure simple consciousness.
If we could capture what people focus on we would find thinking to be our main focus. As I grew up I was complimented when people thought that I was always thinking; but as I spiritually mature and seriously deal with a chronic illness; that is not a compliment. Now as an adult I can change years of conditioning and focus deeper than thinking, it is not really that hard but it is essential if you want a quality life, if you need to heal or if you want a spiritual connection.
The easiest thing to change in a health challenge is the way you perceive it. Your perception of what is wrong may be one of your greatest causes of stress. When you perceive your illness, your disability or any health problem from the Wisdom of your Body; that inner wisdom deals with it. When you perceive your health challenge from an anxious ego; that is the part that deals with it.
The anxiety and depression we can control is often created by the way we interpret an event. Just thinking about something can create anxiety. You may not be able to control the event or your Bio-chemical reactions; but you can control the way you interpret that event. This article gives you the simplest way to control your interpretations by changing the interpreter. Depression and anxiety have several causes, but if you can control a small part of something that causes you discomfort; you may as well try with the attitude that this is going to work for me and maybe it will.
When we think of the feminine revolution we think of women getting empowered to equally manifest with man; but the Feminine Revolution also takes place within en also. As women need to develop the qualities that make them manifest equal to men in this world-men need to develop feminine qualities to make them a whole person. This article studies men developing the yin qualities that balance their yang so they become a whole person also.

If we deal with a health crisis, there are certain things you have to take responsibility for. When you do, your inner resources become an active partner with your doctor. Victims only look outside for help where empowered patients are actively involved. These techniques are incredibly simple to do and turn into powerful habits that shape the way you relate to your everyday life. You can consciously re-condition your sub-conscious mind and be in control of your life.

Conscious thinking is an expression of the Wisdom of your Body, just like breathing. It is our conditioning that limits this natural function, but those limitations can be controlled. When limitations are omitted, our receptivity reveals our greatest teacher…the Wisdom of our Body. Find this power within and you will be able to deal with any challenge in the highest quality of life. Ignore this challenge & your own mind will limit you.

These 7 tips capture how you can use your inner resources to help you deal with your disability. Sometimes we use our inner resources to create a negative mind set that deals with being disabled. These tips give you a focused approach to deal with your disability from a conscious, positive perspective.

We have been conditioned by society to think in ways that makes us use our brain so we don’t support healing. We have been taught to look outside of our self for expert advice without being concerned with what part of us listens to the answers. Asking the right questions is very important, but preparing yourself to receive the answer is just as important. If we ask a question from a weird state of mind we would not be ready to hear a conscious answer. That is true in how we participate in healing and receive the doctor’s treatments; the Wisdom of our Body has to be actively involved.

Learn how to practically go beyond anxious thinking and relate to your struggle from the Wisdom of your Body. Use powerful inner resources to become an active partner with the experts.When inner and outer resources work in harmony, you are never a victim and you get the best results.

Your awareness is a powerful tool, for you give life to wherever it lands. When we are in a health crisis, what our awareness lands on is significant; for we don’t want to activate mental programs that interfere with healing. When inner and outer resources work as partners, the healing process is powerful

What do you do when you receive a negative diagnosis from your doctor?
 – Apr 11, 2006

Three aspects of life hold your keys to healthy living. Consciously conditioning your mind helps you maintain quality of life during challenging times.
 – Feb 15, 2006

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, your illness forces you into a depth where you connect to the wisdom of your body.
 – Feb 15, 2006


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