How to Approach Health Struggles

I was once talking to a person who was dealing with lupus. I asked her how she was doing. She immediately went down a list of the things that she was dealing with. I could tell that with certain symptoms she was dealing with, her voice showed her concern. I mentioned to her that I thought more important than the symptom, was how she approached it. We both were dealing with chronic illnesses. I knew that, in my situation, I didn’t have complete control over the symptoms, but I did have control over the state of mind I approached them with.

I believe our struggles become more difficult to deal with when we approach them with an anxious mind. When we are more conscious, our emotions like fear and self-doubt are not the major focus. To me, being conscious elevates me above the situation, so I can tap inner resources without thinking. When I just surrender to my thinking mind, I might be logical about what I am doing. What follows that logic is my emotional reaction, but when I go beyond thinking, my mind is calm. The way I deal with something that is terribly wrong with me comes from a place that is free from an emotional reaction like panic. To me, there is a higher level of interacting with struggles that is beyond thoughts or emotions.

I took karate for a long time and I loved sparring in tournaments.  An important lesson I learned was in a fight. Even if you got hurt, an emotional reaction would limit your ability to fight. The best fighting came from a calm mind and a relaxed body. I take that lesson into dealing with my chronic illness. The way I deal with negative events is to come from a calm mind. Of course, it took years of training to develop this calmness, but I feel it is never too late to start striving for that state of mind. You may think it takes a lot of discipline to be that way, but the simple truth is that all you have to do is just control your focus and control your breathing.

Even though this control is desperately needed when dealing with a struggle like poor health, it is impossible when your thinking mind is more important than breathing. To communicate this practically, I would encourage you to meditate, to attain that calm state of mind. To understand my way of thinking, read my earlier blogs or clicks on the articles link.


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