Entering the Conscious Moment

Entering a Conscious Moment is where commitments are created; this is what this Blog is about. We operate our life in our conscious mind. This is where we think and perceive the world around us. Consciousness is what allows us to experience our perceptions and conceptions. Now, think of your mind as an empty bowl. Consciousness enters that bowl and fills it up to be a conscious moment. When we share a conscious moment with someone, there is an experience of simple love. We do not remain in this state because that bowl has leaks, where our consciousness goes to the past or the future.

A conscious moment is when you are totally present in the ‘now.’ There are many ways our consciousness leaves the now. We can have attachments, suppressed desires, conditioned habits and unexpressed emotions. It is a powerful experience to share a conscious moment with another person. A committed relationship is not based only on agreements or decisions; it begins with a conscious moment and naturally grows from there.

Committed relationships are not limited to romance. They can be between friends, working partners or even within yourself in relationship to God. What weakens commitment is when your consciousness leaks out from the moment or you lose contact with the experience of sharing a conscious moment it is easy to fall into a conceptual relationship. That relationship would have a limited commitment and a limited quality of experience.

 Here is an important question;

Why live your life with an empty bowl?


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