Entering the Conscious Moment With Commitment

Imagine the conscious mind as a portal for consciousness to enter your life. In a conscious moment, where lovers share tenderness, that moment is charged with simple love. In a conscious moment, when you are alone, that moment is charged with a loving connection with God. When you are in a conscious moment without any leaks, you are connected to an unlimited consciousness.  Unfortunately that moment can have leaks, where consciousness leaks out. These leaks are thoughts or mental conditioning that grab your attention and too often become repetitive.

A commitment is where you give your all in a relationship and share a conscious moment. In relationship with God, to give yourself 100%, you cannot have leaks that drain consciousness from the moment. Leaks like attachments, thoughts you cannot control like desires and emotions like anger or fear, drain consciousness and limit how much you give of yourself. That relationship would have a limited commitment and a limited quality of experience.

When the experience isn’t strong, theories fill in the blanks. Without a strong experience, commitments are weak and the whole relationship may be theoretical. Religious fanatics or people in story-book relationships may believe their relationship has a strong commitment, but their commitment is really to their mind. Even in that case, their love has that ability to break down theoretical walls and strong commitments can be developed.

This may sound like only yogis or high spiritual people can have strong commitments, but even if you limit leaks on the material level, leaks can easily happen; like the celibate desiring sex. That desire is a leak. My parents weren’t spiritual, but their commitment was incredibly strong. I feel no matter what your situation is, that conscious moment exists for you.

I think the purpose of life is to have your relationships to be 100% committed without any leaks. Be it with God or your lover, a conscious moment is amazing. Here is a simple 4 step process I teach for entering the moment:

  1. Realize that you can have a conscious moment and be willing to enter it.
  2. Get away from the idea, ‘I can’t do it.’
  3. Take a breath that is free from your thoughts; imagine breathing into silence
  4. Relax and a complete breath takes you into the conscious moment

If you practice this for about 5 minutes before you go to sleep and upon awakening for at least 10 days, this will become a habit. Then when you are in a loving moment or a deep communication with God, that conscious moment is there for you without you even having to think about it.

                I feel to live a complete life, you have to live in a conscious moment. I could feel disappointed in my life without health, wealth and my own children, but I feel fortunate to sometimes have conscious moments. I know people in my family that have them all. If I could have any of health, wealth or a conscious moment, I am glad my focus is on having a conscious moment and super happy to have someone to share it with-Amy.


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