Meaning of Words

It is not just our actions that have meaning; it is also our words. By recognizing the words we habitually use in specific situations, we become more conscious of their meaning and their effect. It leaves us open to change them in order to become more receptive.

It is important to take charge of who listens to incoming thoughts. For example, if you hear something from the perspective of your Conditioned Self, it will have a different meaning than if you hear the same statement from the perspective of your Conscious Self. You have more power in changing your self-image than you do in changing what other people say.

We all use words with the assumption that others around us will understand them, but words are only as effective as the party hearing them. As a speaker, you have a conscious responsibility to speak in a way that your listeners can understand.

Often, when people relate to a handicapped person, they come from a place of pity, treating that person as a helpless unfortunate. When that happens to me, my Conditioned Self instantly reacts with rejection, even anger. On the other hand, my Conscious Self accepts whatever they say as an attempt at kindness and I can relate to their hearts instead of reacting to their words. By talking to them as a “regular,” functional person, they begin to treat me that way. I do not have to put energy into correcting them. I can just be me and continue the conversation.

This is especially important when you have to make decisions about your life, because decisions made from your Conditioned Self carry the tone of negative conditioning. This might not seem like an important thing to do, but if you want to live a quality life, words are important. Remember, your Conscious Self speaks using conscious words. If not, you can correct yourself.


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