Sacrificing a Part of You

Sacrifice offers something that is important to you, something you identify with. Giving up something you don’t like is not really a sacrifice; it is as if you are taking out the garbage. You can sacrifice a part of you that doesn’t serve you and though you might not like it, it is a part of you and is difficult to let go of. Change happens on such a subtle level that you might need a new habit to change that behavior/belief. Most people are not detached enough from themselves to sacrifice a part of themselves. Sacrifice happens from a higher consciousness and requires constant growth.

Your Conscious Self, the conscious part of you, has power over that which doesn’t serve you. Your Conditioned Self, the conditioned part of you, identifies with that which is conditioned, even if it doesn’t serve you. Most people think the negative part of you is limited to negative experiences, but that is not true. Not all conditioning is negative; it just identifies with the illusions of conditioning and growth is difficult, if not impossible.

The Conscious Self is not limited to only positive experiences; it is the part of you that is in the moment and connected to your deepest wisdom. For instance, you may be conditioned to love your mate, but if you are not in the moment connected to your inner wisdom, that love isn’t deep and easily turns into a habit. It may be a rewarding habit, but it doesn’t grow and evolve over time. We all have a Conscious Self and a Conditioned Self, but because it is a habit, you seldom recognize it as conditioned or conscious. Most people have both kinds of loving interactions in marriage, but it is possible to control that and live in a conscious moment.

We all play different roles in our life at the same time and each role has its own characteristic. To free yourself from conditioned roles allows for more energy in your life. To carry the burden of conditioned roles is to adapt to a slower mind, interactions with other people and weaker concentration. To free yourself from conditioned roles is to unlock energy and rid yourself of social isolation. Everyone has both kinds of interactions in our life, but some people think their conditioning is who they are. That limits their growth and the ever- evolving love in a relationship. Do not be afraid of sacrificing the part of you which is limiting. Become conscious in the moment and that will be your best reward.


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