Creating Conscious Attitudes

Attitudes come from the decisions you made in the past. If those decisions were made from your Conditioned Self, the attitude would have the characteristics of your past conditioning and would be limited to your past conditioning. Attitudes made from your Conscious Self, or the self connected to your inner wisdom, will be free and will have the characteristics of your Conscious Self. Most people do not think this is an important thing to do, but the art of controlling your attitudes can influence the quality of your life.

Here is an example of controlling attitudes. Imagine a woman in an abusive relationship, where her husband cheated on her. After years of abuse and depression, her Conditioned Self made the decision that men can’t be trusted. After their divorce, this created an attitude that was subtly alive in her. After a while, she met a person she was attracted to and their relationship became serious. She grew closer to him and really loved him. But mingled in that love was the attitude based on the decision she made in her previous relationship. She grew to trust him, but the hidden attitude of not trusting men would emerge without her being conscious of it.

To create a strong relationship, she needed to identify the decision she made from her Conditioned Self and change it to a decision made by her Conscious Self. She still can be hurt and mistrusting, but it had to come from her Conscious Self. That would make her decision strong, without self-doubt and she could complete that part of her life without carrying unfinished business with her.

The decisions you make when connected to your Conscious Self character are very different than the decisions made while you are connected to your Conscious Self.  By simply directing your thoughts to the conscious self, your awareness gives life to your wisdom and you can make decisions that create a positive attitude. Attitudes that were created long ago-for instance the decisions made in an unhappy marriage-can affect the attitude you have toward your next marital partner.  If you create a habit of thinking to your Conscious Self, you can remember events in the unhappy marriage, but see them through the eyes of your conscious self.  Make decisions now connected to your inner wisdom and you will have positive attitudes.


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