Further Thoughts on the Yes/No Process: My Personal Experience

I use the yes/no experience to help me make decisions in my day to day life very often. When I have a decision I have to make, my thinking mind may decide one thing, while the Wisdom of the Body tells me a yes/no response that may contradict my thoughts. Thinking happens on a superficial level. I have gone to alternative medical treatments like chiropractors that directly communicate to my body. They use the yes/no technique to test what they are doing. They think a question and by muscle testing they listen to my body to see if the Wisdom of my Body agrees with their treatment.

I use a similar muscle test in my everyday life also. For instance if I have to do something, I  use the muscle test to see if my assumptions are correct; on a subtle level, beyond my thoughts, does  the Wisdom of my Body agree. For instance, if I am interacting with someone and a decision is required, I consult my inner wisdom to help me decide. This test can be hidden, so the person you are talking to doesn’t think you are crazy, but it is important to go deeper than just thinking.

Going to this level shows you how you really feel at the depth of the Wisdom of the Body. If inner wisdom agrees with your thinking, you can really put your heart into what you have decided. When this level is overlooked, self-doubt can happen. This sends a mixed message to the one you are talking to, which creates poor communication.

I encourage you to look deeper than your thoughts to send clear messages to others and more importantly to yourself. Use your inner wisdom as though you are communicating to your best friend; when you think about it, your inner wisdom is your best friend. In my book, “The Positive Self: Change Your Self Image and You Change Your Life,” I teach you how to connect to this inner wisdom. Accepting this depth within allows you to accept your whole being and has a clear connection to the yes/no process.


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