The Beauty of Confidence

Confidence happens when your mistake is accepted with love. For example, when you do something stupid or wrong and it hurts someone, their loving response can make you feel more confident. If someone you respect comes up and gives you positive reinforcement, it will be easier to confidently go on. Knowing that you are loved no matter what you think or do, allows you to manifest without doubt or self-judgment, giving you the confidence to manifest fully. This love can come from an external source or it can come from within. The external source of love can come through approval or simple tenderness. The love from within can come from your ego/your conditioned self, which is from the Negative Self, or it can come spontaneously from the depth of your Positive Self.

Being loved from within turns your weakness into compassion. It turns fear into courage and it happens without thinking about it. When inner love comes from past conditioning, it definitely is comforting, but is also limiting for it needs to fit into how you were conditioned. True confidence comes from unconditional love, which doesn’t have ego as its source. The Positive Self is spontaneous, which has inner wisdom as its source of love. Basically, when your Positive Self loves your Negative Self, there is confidence.


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