The Formula for a Spiritual Quality of Life

The first issue in this formula is a complete breath. This breath has to be relaxed and free from stress. It has to travel beyond thinking and connect to the Wisdom of the Body, instead of  connecting to your thoughts. In a complete breath, you develop pure simple consciousness. Before you start, take a few moments and consciously breathe beyond your thoughts. Imagine your breath floating over your thoughts, instead of breathing into your thoughts.

This is beyond any anxious thoughts and connected to a freedom ego does not know exists. A complete breath activates the Wisdom of the Body, which empowers you to deal with any challenge. A spiritual quality is a complete breath minus anxious thinking:

Written as a formula, it is: Spiritual quality = complete breath – anxious thinking

The way you attain that is to focus on your breath as you ignore your thoughts. This is not a natural state of being for most people. It takes time to develop this formula into a habit. If you are in a health challenge, the alternative is to focus on thoughts of your interpretation of what is wrong with you and the future. That seldom helps you find quality. If you have unfinished business from the past, this would distract you from finding that spiritual quality and distort your efforts to participate in healing.

This is, of course, an evolved level to live at, but when in a health challenge you are forced to find that quality. People who are comfortable with their life are seldom forced to find this quality. This is the greatest benefit a health challenge offers. In this formula you live in, it helps you heal and cope with your struggle. Deal with any challenge with this Quality Formula and do not ignore your inner wisdom.


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