7 Responsibilities in the Art of Healing a Chronic Illness or Disability

Each of you have been given something that has evolved over millions of years; the Wisdom of your Body. When you develop a connection to this powerful inner resource, you play an active role in healing. When you ignore this resource; you tend to be a victim waiting for help.

When internal and external resources work together as partners; the best healing potential is realized. When you hide behind your thoughts and past conditioning, your medications will still work but your body will not respond with the eagerness to heal.

When you ask almost any sick person if they want to get better, their answer would be yes. If you looked deep inside of many patients; their body does not say the same thing. It says, ‘I am apathetic.’ Follow these seven requirements of healing and you will see if your sub-conscious mind really wants to heal.

  • You have to be responsible for your inner environment. Everything your mind creates exists because you want it to be there.
  • You have to be responsible for what part of you responds to your challenge. You have a positive side that responds harmoniously with the Wisdom of your Body and a negative side that responds harmoniously with your past conditioning. It is your choice which part of you responds to your health challenge.
  • You are responsible for the degree you trust this inner wisdom. Too often, we trust our past conditioning, which does not respond as well as that positive part of us. It is your choice.
  • You are responsible for your focus. Your focus triggers your body, which sends messages to your brain, so healing happens.
  • We are responsible for the attachments that block our awareness from performing its healing abilities. When you focus on your attachments, you are giving life to your old habits, instead of the part of you that needs to heal.
  • You are responsible for expressing your heart. Just as water cleans the inside of a pipe as it flows through, love flowing through you cleans the inside of you. Loving has a powerful effect on your will to live. The more you love…the stronger is your will to live.
  • Maybe the most important responsibility is in how you breathe. Your breath carries your awareness throughout your body. A shallow breath limits your healing process.

You can study each of these points and read expert analysis about them or you can just surrender to the Wisdom of your body and these automatically happen. It is just your mind that limits you.


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