What is Your Center Focus, Your Thoughts or Consciousness?

We have been defined and judged by the way we were thinking since we were a small child. I feel the best moments of my life happened when my focus went beyond thinking and yet that is not respected in our everyday world today. We have been taught not to trust what is not scientifically proven.

We are considered “out of our mind” if we venture beyond what is socially accepted, but think of your most outrageous moments. When you were in the zone and performed magic in whatever you did, I think the best part of you performed that action. In sports, creativity or simple problem-solving, you went deeper than your logical mind and yet, today, going to that depth is not always celebrated.

In your deepest spiritual moments your attachments hold you back from the spiritual depth where you feel closest to God. I feel we can have possessions, but when our consciousness gets caught in the thought of what we possess, that becomes an attachment that limits us. When thinking becomes the center of your life, you become ego-centric. Every thought has the potential to represent ego’s concerns. That may sound responsible, but that also limits you in many ways.

When you are conscious of your center; your breath integrates inner wisdom with everything you do. Of course you can think, but your entire being is free from mental limitations. That is what I call a complete breath and it is as simple as consciously breathing. Sometimes, when we face a serious struggle like illness, we are forced to that depth.

In our everyday life, that depth is ignored by focusing on thinking, but when you face a serious challenge, that depth becomes very important. That is where the Wisdom of the Body exists and all our inner resources are found. If you are a victim, that depth is ignored. If you take an active role in creating your life, that depth is your friend.


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