Habits Needed in Our Senior Years

I met a man who was an engineer and benefited from his thinking mind his entire adult life. He had been diagnosed with cancer after he retired and now had a fear of dying.  This new challenge meant he had to develop new ways of coping.

We live in a world where “you are what you think”. Rather a stupid quote, but a reality we have to deal with. We have been taught our thoughts are very important and as we grew us conscious thinking is what served you the best. In our senior years, the focus on thinking is what can limit us. It is the wisdom beyond thinking you need to meet your challenges, especially in a health challenge.

When awareness stops on thinking, we don’t activate the Wisdom of our Body. The beauty of challenges is that they force us to go beyond ourselves to deal with them. Those who avoid meeting challenges at that depth may find comfort in their conditioning, but will seldom grow. As we age, health problems will be more likely. To meet the challenge of aging, you have to grow.

A person with a well-developed intellect tends to be able to afford external pleasures because they had a good job. They found pleasure outside of themselves consistently, but those habits will not be enough to meet the challenges of retirement and poor health. They need habits that direct them inside, so they can connect to the Wisdom of their Body.

The main obstacle to connect is how we were conditioned as a child.  To meet our challenges, we need the Wisdom of the Body. A conscious connection can be developed at any time in our life. As seniors we may need to recondition our internal habits, so they connect to our inner wisdom instead of old thinking habits.

Are you comfortable exploring the reality beyond your thoughts? If not, learn to consciously condition habits that connect you to the Wisdom of your body. That wisdom can do everything ego can do, but meets your new challenges.

To learn new habits that help your character evolve, read Marc’s book, The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life. To help you in health challenges, read Marc’s book, A Healthy Way to be Sick. Books are available on Amazon/Kindle.com.


(c) 2015  Marc Lerner


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