Self-Trust Activates the Wisdom of Your Body

When most  people think of self-trust, they look at how they think
of themselves.  But, true self-trust is when you trust the Wisdom of
the Body, not your concept of yourself.  We trust what is important to
us, but, when our focus is limited to thinking, we   place  most
importance on our thoughts.  When we think a thought is important, we
end up trusting a symbol in our mind and we ignore inner wisdom.  The
essence of life and our deepest wisdom exist  beyond thinking.  That
is where our real challenge begins and we have to trust that.

Combat veterans  became super-conscious in combat, when life
became more important than thinking.  Many of the veterans I worked
with said, even though war was a terrible memory, their highest
spiritual experiences happened there.

In Latin, the word “redemption” comes from the word meaning “to
give back to the original owner.”  The combat veterans’     spiritual
experiences  came from realizing that life was most important.  As we
grew up, we began to give importance to our thoughts, because that was
where society focused.  Redemption is simply giving that importance
back to its original owner–life.  In combat, or when we face a
life-threatening illness, the essence of life is so much more important
than our thoughts. In that super-conscious moment, we break out of the
limitations of our mind and truly manifest.

When we are in any kind of struggle, it is important to look at
what is  really important to us.  Do we trust thoughts in our mind or
do we trust the Wisdom of our Body?  If you are going to meet your
challenge, you have to trust your deepest wisdom, instead of your past
conditioning.  If thoughts and memories are more important to you, you
trust the illusions in your mind, instead of the Wisdom of your Body.

To deal with a health challenge, trusting inner wisdom makes you
receptive to the Wisdom of your Body . This is the part of you that
literally heals.  Your deepest hope and pure positive thinking are not
as powerful as trusting your inner wisdom.  Self-trust opens  you up to
your natural healing potential and helps you respond better to your
medical  treatments.

We all have the Wisdom of the Body, but our thinking limits us from
using it.  Learn techniques that develop self-trust in Marc’s book, A Healthy

Way to be Sick, available on Amazon/
(c) 2015 Marc Lerner


One thought on “Self-Trust Activates the Wisdom of Your Body

  1. Thank you Marc for your wisdom and encouragement. I am on my way for a medical test of import and I am trusting the wisdom of my body to heal and take me in the right direction. Lisa Z.


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