Consciously Being Unconscious; Learning to Avoid Limiting Habits

Habits are created by the way significant people relate to us. As we grow up, those habits define who we are and we identify with them. We need to identify with the consciousness that listens to our thoughts and triggers our habits, more than we identify with our conditioning. Consciously becoming unconscious is a way to ignore limiting thoughts and habits. Once we learn this important lesson, we are free from the limitations created by our mind. That is when we love, heal and manifest the best. Ignoring limitations is a conscious thing to do.

Too often, we identify with unconscious habits as “that is who I am.”  Now, what if we identified with life or the consciousness that listens to our thoughts more than our thoughts and past conditioning? That would create the distance enough that separated us from the creations of our mind and gives us free choice. If you could stop time and just be in that moment, you would be free.

Not only would you feel free from the old habits that define who you are, you would connect to the Wisdom of your Body. In that moment, love would not be filtered through your mind. Simple expressions of love would not be limited by ego and would be spontaneous. We could play and love like children without any excess mental baggage.

Healing would be orchestrated by an inner wisdom that makes each patient an active partner with their doctor. Inner and outer resources would work in harmony, making each treatment more effective. Worry and fear would not be a normal part of healing, for they become devastating when we exclusively focus on those thoughts. We would still have concerns, but they would be dealt with from a deeper confidence that knows the power of inner wisdom working in partnership with doctors and modern medicine.

In the same way, when you talk on the phone, the line is busy to incoming calls; when you focus on thinking exclusively you cannot  receive creativity. Being conscious in the moment frees you to receive creativity and allows you to look at your life and struggle in a new way. When we see things the way we were conditioned to see them, we too often get locked into old perspectives and miss the moment and the power of now.

What if we had the power to consciously ignore the habits that limited us? That would be consciously becoming unconscious. The fact is that we have that power. In those peak moments in our life, we touch that moment. Because that reality exists beyond thinking, we cannot remember it. I feel the more conscious we become in the moment, the easier it is to ignore limitations.

Habits can become powerful tools for transformation. We can consciously condition habits that take us to that depth instantly. This is not an understanding; it is simply a conscious moment where all of our powerful inner resources are available to deal with our challenge. That challenge could be a chronic illness with pain, but you could deal with it consciously.

Pain is something that gets worse by focusing on it. It is as though our consciousness gives it life. That happens with negative thinking and with unpleasant memories; the more we focus on them, the more powerful are their effects. The more we try to push them away, the stronger they become. Pushing something away is simply putting energy into something we do not want.

The conscious way to become unconscious of pain or any limitation is to focus on something you really want. In the midst of pain or turmoil, that is a hard choice. That is when conscious habits are a blessing. It is possible to create habits that transport consciousness beyond thinking into silence. Thinking will not take you there. You can not “should” yourself there either.

So, here is a question to really ask yourself seriously; why don’t you create those quality habits? Consciously conditioning your subconscious mind is how you can best deal with challenges and it is possible even in the darkest times.

© 2015 Marc Lerner

Being conscious is our real goal and ignoring the unconscious parts of us is useful in attaining that goal. Go to Amazon/ to find books by Marc Lerner to make us conscious of everyday life, healing and approaching death. These are The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life, which is the part of you that is comfortable being free and The End: A Creative Approach to Death.


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