What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Choices?

I don’t think there is a situation where you have no choice. If all you do is focus on thinking, it may be that you just haven’t thought about it yet, so your thoughts don’t serve you. When I find myself in that situation, my greatest choice is to focus beyond my thoughts.

When most people find themselves in a situation where they think they do not have a choice, they resist or panic. Actually, most of our choices are not really free choices; they are the expressions of our past conditioning. We choose what seems to be harmonious with our past habits and we think that is free choice. In reality, that choice is just focusing on our thoughts and following our past conditioning.

            A quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti gives another way of looking at how we participate in life. “To observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” If we avoid our thoughts and that evaluation, we observe what happens connected to what I call The Wisdom of the Body. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to focus on thinking and our observations always seem to have choices. What if, when we face a situation that doesn’t have obvious choices, we learned to appreciate that higher way to evaluate what is happening to us?

            Without focusing on thinking, we stop searching for alternative ways and we learn to trust the Wisdom of the Body. That doesn’t mean we don’t search for alternative ways; it just means we approach that challenge from a deeper inner wisdom. From a conscious perspective, the alternatives we choose become more effective. We eliminate the old habits that compromise our efforts and we utilize external resources at their potential.

            Within the body of every individual exists powerful inner resource. These are needed when you face a challenge you cannot control, such as dealing with a chronic illness or disability.  Connecting to this deeper wisdom is the role every patient must accept, regardless of what your treatment is.

            Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every patient accepted their role in healing, as though they were a significant member of their treatment team? In reality, we are partners with our doctor. The most we can do is be totally conscious in the moment, interacting from the Wisdom of our Body. This means that, what the doctor’s treatments are, would be accepted by a deeper wisdom that responds without any mental interference. It also means that you will be 100% there, to know what your deepest wisdom is telling you. In that partnership, your feedback is important. It just has to come from a deeper wisdom and not an emotional reaction.


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