Using Habits Instead Of Habits Using You

We have the ability to step back from our situation and literally preside over our body,  creating choices not influenced by anyone except the Wisdom of our Body. We have been trained to follow the directives of the experts our entire life. When we are in a health challenge, we have to listen to that inner wisdom in partnership with the experts. This article focuses on breaking the old habits, listening to inner wisdom and participating in life with inner wisdom as a partner with the experts.


One blessing my chronic illness gave me was a short-term memory loss.  That was very frustrating, until I discovered the amazing tool of consciously creating habits.  A habit causes your body to perform a specific way, without having to think about what has to happen.  When you create a habit, the state of mind you were at during creating the habit, manifests as you perform that action.  This is really a beautiful thing, if you are conscious when creating new habits. The habit that emerges has you perfectly conscious in the moment using your inner resources.


When we find ourselves in a health crisis, we basically have two choices; we can either fall back on our past conditioned habits or deal with that crisis from connecting to the habits of the Wisdom of our Body.  For most people, falling back on past conditioning is not a conscious choice—it happens automatically.  If you choose the conscious alternative, you will be forced to develop new-conscious habits that harmonize with your inner wisdom. This is where you preside over your body and use habits instead of habits using you.


I often use the following example in describing my work to others.  There was a study in which a scientist taught a rat to climb some stairs and jump past a gap into one of two doors in order to eat.  For months, the food was behind the left door.  Then the scientist changed the doors, but the rat would only jump to the left. Next, the scientist opened the right door to make the food completely visible.  Still, the rat would jump only left.  The scientist then locked the left door while the food was visible on the opened right door.  The rat now jumped into a closed door and fell to the bottom of the cage.

While this may not constitute the most humane treatment of a rat, I see myself and others doing the same thing in a more symbolic sense.  The door can be open and the food right there, but we continue to choose our own ego and habits, which have been conditioned in the past, regardless of whether they serve us or not.


When your life is on the line, I suggest you get in tune with your inner wisdom and then partner with the experts. That scientist was the expert to the rat and the rat did what it was trained to do. Inner wisdom would realize the food was in the open door, even if the rat was trained to go left. We have to use experts with our inner wisdom.


In a human example, we may be used to eating foods that are not harmonious with the healing process, such as a newly-diagnosed diabetic eating sugary foods. The habits may tell you one thing, but when you listen to the Wisdom of your Body, it tells you that is not right for you. We often are true to our past conditioning, but when we live our life through conscious habits, we naturally live at a higher standard of quality.

The books of mine that I recommend to develop the skills needed in this article are: A Healthy Way to be Sick and The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life (Amazon/Kindle). I recommend them often because they create the skills needed to deal with any struggle by connecting you to the wisdom of the body and your higher self.

© 2015 Marc Lerner


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