The Power of Intuition in Healing

Intuition is to know without reason. This means that you do not put your consciousness into your thinking mind, so a deeper wisdom replaces the conditioned ego. From this consciousness, intuition guides us. This is connected to The Wisdom of your Body and has the power to embrace the moment and love from an ego-less perspective. This is what I call your Positive Self.

You may not be able to control your thoughts, but you can control what part of you listens and interprets. Most people have such a strong habit of focusing on their thoughts, they interpret their life simply by the way they have been conditioned to think.

We think to our self-image and, though our self-image has been developed throughout our entire life, it is possible to create a self-image that is based on the most positive parts of your life. Most people’s self-image is a blend of everything they learned and interacted with during their life.

Imagine having your thoughts interpreted solely by a self-image that was created in your most conscious moments. Just think; you could isolate specific parts of your life, when you were conscious in the moment and your heart was full of love, your interpretations would be conscious. You would be free from your past and your interpretations of the events in your life would be an expression of your deepest wisdom.

We have the ability to create a self-image like that and trigger it whenever a negative self-image appears. This is what I mean by ‘what part of you listens to your thoughts.’ You have the ability to control your self-image and interpret your life from a conscious perspective. Nobody else but you can control this.

The simple fact of controlling what part of you interprets your life is an essential key in creating a quality life and your ability to heal at your full potential. It is essential when dealing with a chronic illness or disability to have conscious interpretations. With my illness, I have balance problems. I found that simple problems, like falling down or having my body disconnected from conscious interpretations make my life complicated in negative ways.

Most people focus on their thoughts and the focus of their awareness naturally goes to the object of their thoughts. In our culture, the value of thinking is a precious gift. Inventions and technological progress solve problems, but sometimes our problem exists in how we interact with a challenge. Through past conditioning and habits, our character is defined. We are taught to believe that that is who we really are. Sometimes, though, during the most difficult times of our life, we are forced to explore the inner reality that exists beyond that conditioning.

People who live a comfortable life are not often forced to this depth. This depth, though, is available to every person and would benefit everyone’s life if they accepted this inner reality. It is from this depth that the expression of their heart is pure. It lacks the thoughts and conditioning of ego and is purely an expression of their deepest wisdom. The quality of their love would be selfless, not compromised by their ego.

In loving moments, that inner reality is there. Unfortunately, the habit of focusing on thinking blocks us from staying in that consciousness. Too often, we think that if we change our mind and think a certain way, our problems will be solved. When we venture beyond our thoughts and experience this reality, that state of mind would serve us in everything we do. We just need to learn how to get there when we need it.

I have been teaching this for over 25 years with cancer and AIDS patients and veterans with PTSD. I have found the easiest way to make this transition is to connect to your Positive Self. My book, The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life, (Amazon/Kindle) teaches how to make this transition become an active part of your life. In this book, I develop over 20 qualities, like confidence, problem-solving and changing negative emotions into positive expressions.

© 2015 Marc Lerner


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