10 Mistakes Commonly Made in Healing

In the spirit that illness and handicaps contain valuable lessons, we need to look at the excuses we make that ignore this incredible opportunity. Most people would not see illness as an opportunity, but you can accept that what is happening is not a creation of your mind. Then, you have to look out for these commonly made mistakes in healing that let you avoid this opportunity.

  1. Exclusively looking outside for help without actively participating
  1. Judging yourself for being sick
  1. Thinking medicine works best without your participation
  1. Using a medical crisis as an opportunity to excuse yourself from responsibilities
  1. Leaning on other people as you ignore inner wisdom
  1. Looking at a health crisis as a victim, where the answers are beyond your control
  1. Not appreciating the importance of a partnership with your doctor
  1. Trusting your thoughts instead of the Wisdom of your Body
  1. Being more concerned with medical expenses than healing
  1. Trying alternative treatments with a preconceived idea they will not work

When you avoid these mistakes and actively participate in your healing, the greatest benefit is that you accept the Wisdom of the Body. You have to use this inner wisdom to correct these mistakes. You have to be aware not to just follow the thoughts in your mind, but stop and be receptive to this inner wisdom.


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