The Attitude of Healing

            Within every person there are powerful inner resources, which are essential to healing. Unfortunately, these resources are useless unless they are openly received. If a person is only focused on their thoughts, they ignore their inner resources. When awareness goes beyond thinking and activates these resources, the healing process becomes stronger. The attitude of healing consists of the openness to go to this depth within you.

When you are receptive to your inner resources, trusting yourself makes them useful. Connecting to inner wisdom without trust is like spending time with people you do not like; you do not want to open up to them. Trust creates the openness that allows inner resources to work for you. This is how you learn to trust yourself. When inner resources demonstrate effectiveness in accomplishing your goals, you trust those qualities and develop a consistent reliance on them.

The attitude of healing has to involve the Wisdom of the Body, so your awareness cannot be limited to just your thoughts. In the same way there is an in-breath and an out-breath, we need to float between our inner resources and external resources. A complete breath is a perfect harmony between inner and outer resources and that is how you become an active partner with your doctor. When you are healing, inner resources are the Wisdom of Your Body and outer resources are the doctors.

Making your breath complete is very valuable and something every patient should try to strive for. A complete breath is not an insignificant accomplishment. It demands a lot of inner growth. When you face a health crisis, that inner growth plays an important role on how effectively you participate in the healing process.

            While I was on the karate team at Michigan State University, I fantasized about sophisticated kicks I could try on my opponents. I could see these moves over and over in my mind, but if I never practiced them they remained mere fantasies. However, once I followed through and really applied myself, my one-time fantasies became powerful tools.

You can condition your mind to have that same relationship with your deepest inner wisdom. The techniques in my book, A Healthy Way to be Sick, can forge neural pathways that develop into habits, which become valuable tools for healing. These neural pathways work in subtle ways, so subtle in fact that many people do not recognize them. Worse, some people pass judgment. They judge these skills are insignificant, and – lo and behold – they are! For them.


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