The Quality of Life Depends on Your Focus; Not Health or Wealth   

One of our most valuable gifts is our focus; for what we give our attention to, is how we share our life. Even though a focus seems little more than a glance, our awareness has the ability to transport our consciousness. Unfortunately most of our glances are unconscious and that is like spilling our consciousness out without any purpose.

Now imagine if our consciousness was as precious as gold. Our glances would become something of value. If we are in a health struggle and we look at a symptom, we are putting awareness into it. Norman Cousin said, ‘awareness is curative.’ What I would say is, ‘a conscious awareness is curative.’ Simply by noticing something is wrong, it is natural for you to fix it. Awareness enters your mind, where you know how it should be, and the Wisdom of the Body begins to work on the correction process.

In my book, A Healthy Way to be Sick, (Amazon/Kindle) you learn several life skills. These include improving your awareness and self-trust as you develop a connection to the Wisdom of your Body. I have had MS for 33 years and, though my illness has not improved, I have been able to lead a quality life.  I really believe there is a healthy way to be sick.


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