Using the Positive Self to Work with Clients

I was asked how I work with difficult clients. I use the Positive Self to work with clients so I am not affected by their energy was my answer. Below is a more in depth answer.

I worked with veterans with PTSD for 25 years at the VA and found myself dealing with intense clients regularly. I understand what it means to be affected by the clients you work with. I found that it was more important to change where they were coming from to avoid negative energy than it was to change myself. My main technique was to get them in touch with what I called their Positive self. We think to our self image, so if they have a negative self image, their thoughts will have a negative expression. If they have a positive self-image they got positive expressions. My technique changed self-images to a positive self-image.

Since their positive self-image was created from their own past experience, they could identify with it. I found if I focused on their Positive self from my positive self, communications happened with ease. That doesn’t say they didn’t have problems to deal with; it just meant they dealt with their problems from a more conscious part of them. My goal was to have them create a habit where they thought to their positive self regularly.

I am retired now, writing what I learned in the past. You can learn how to connect to your Positive Self on my website for free. Go to and look for the sample technique. This would be something for you and your clients. It only takes 10 minutes to use when you lead them through it and about a week to create a habit. I wrote a book called “The Positive Self, Change your Self Image and You Change Your Life.” I also wrote a book using techniques like that for people in a health challenge called “A Healthy Way to Be Sick” and one for those facing a death threat called “The End, A Creative Way to Approach Death.” All my books are on Amazon/Kindle.

I am personally going through those stages and find it helpful to aspire to a deeper consciousness when dealing with difficult times. Those times have a very strong benefit; they motivate you to transcend your everyday consciousness to accomplish higher goals. If you are in a difficult time, I recommend that you put your focus into using it to evolve. If you are not in a difficult time, reading these books can plant seeds in your mind, so when hard times happen, you can fall back on this understanding instead of your past conditioning. Remember you always choreograph your life; so always lean toward consciousness for a beautiful life.


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