What a Healthy Person Can Learn From Someone in a Health Crisis

What a Healthy Person Can Learn From Someone in a Health Crisis

When a person deals with a health challenge, they are forced to learn amazing life lessons, but you do not have to be sick to learn them. You just have to follow the mental path they were forced to follow as they coped with their challenge. Maybe their self-image sabotaged their life and they got sick as they struggled with it. You do not have to get sick to go through that transformation. You just have to be willing to change your self-image.

When dealing with a health crisis, negative thinking is seen as a serious problem, but the demand to heal forces you to change. There are many healthy people who struggle with negative thinking, but their demand to change is not that strong. What if you had a step-by-step process that walked you through the steps required to change and simply by your desire you were able to change and control negative thinking?

Maybe you had learned in the past not to trust yourself and now you have a challenge before you. A person in a health challenge needs to trust their deepest inner wisdom, simply so they can heal. If you were led through the same technique that taught them self-trust, with a strong desire, you would be able to learn to accept powerful inner resources and be empowered to face your challenges. Trusting your deepest wisdom definitely helps you heal, but you do not have to be sick to learn real trust.

There are two groups of people who will need to re-condition their mind (self-image and trust), so new healthy life skills are learned. For those in a health challenge, the result will be better healing, but what about a healthy person needing to simply approach a challenge or better the quality of their life…can those life skills make it easier to become an active participant in bettering their life?

I have seen people avoid struggles just by eliminating dysfunctional past conditioning. By developing conscious life skills, they improved the quality of their life. Illness and disabilities are definitely powerful motivators, but they are not required. I encourage those who are healthy, but struggling with dysfunctional past conditioning, to re-condition their mind. That can happen when you learn from someone who was forced to change, like a person in a health crisis.

Every person has an inner wisdom, which I call the Wisdom of the Body, but most people are stuck in their past and find it difficult to change. Learn to develop a positive self-image and self-trust and this change becomes a natural thing to do. Unfortunately, unless you are forced to make that change, it seldom happens. Once you know it is possible and connect to inner resources to make it happen, your desire can motivate you as powerful as any negative challenge.

Be open to learn from those who had no choice but to change. Too often, when we deal with someone who is sick, we project ourselves into their situation and feel pity. You can learn some amazing lessons from a person in this situation and you can help them by exploring what they can teach. When they explain it to you, they understand it better for themselves.

My book, The Positive Self: Change Your Self-Image and You Change Your Life, specifically teaches you how to change your self-image. In this book, using a conscious self-image, you can learn life skills, like confidence and techniques for better problem-solving.  My book, A Healthy Way to be Sick, can teach you the benefits of changing your self-image and how to develop self-trust. Please find them at Amazon/Kindle.

© 2014 Marc Lerner


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