Truth is the Consciousness of Bliss

When I was in intense pain, I prayed sincerely ‘God, take my life.’ That prayer became a habit. When the pain was tolerable, the prayer was the same, but it had a different meaning.

I see life as consciousness; not what we are conscious of (people, places and things), but the power that keeps us alive. When you surrender consciousness, you surrender your life. That is a total surrender, because you cannot hold anything back.

Too many people think surrender is giving up this or that, but real surrender is giving up what perceives this or that, your consciousness. If God takes my life/my consciousness, anything I am aware of is taken. That is what most people consider their life, but when God takes your consciousness, that is a complete surrender.

A famous Hindu phrase is ‘sat cit ananda.’ This means consciousness of bliss. When God takes your life, you are left with the consciousness of bliss, which is a very high experience. The prayer, ‘God, take my life,’ leaves you in bliss. If you hold onto anything you are aware of, it is like an anchor to consciousness and God cannot take your life.

You have to be willing to let go of everything you are aware of for God to take your consciousness. Consciousness is infinite, so you are never without consciousness. The highest reality is being conscious of consciousness, which is blissful. So, ‘sat cit ananda’ to you.


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