I Have Found a Healthy Way to be Sick and So Can You

I have had multiple sclerosis since 1981. I am legally blind in a
wheel chair with a heart full of love living with a high quality of life. I
do not feel it is my intellect that gives me quality; it is the wisdom of my
body. My ego may be actively involved, but when it steps aside and allows
the Wisdom of my Body to manifest, I find a healthy way to be sick.
I do not feel as though I do health, I receive it with instructions
from my body. Hunger tells me how much to eat and sometimes what I am hungry
for. In the past, my mind created habits that were not always harmonious
with the body’s wisdom. When dealing with healing with sensitivity, old
habits can be broken. Just as a person with lung cancer finds the motivation
to quit smoking when they are open to inner wisdom, you can find inner
wisdom to guide you in what to eat.
When I see a cancer patient smoking, I feel they think the habits in
their mind are more important than life itself. When your priority is to be
true to inner wisdom, it benefits your health and healing. When thinking is
your priority, you are guided by old habits and those may have contributed
to your health problems. I am humbled when I respect my inner wisdom and
when humbled I am more receptive to the Wisdom of my Body.
The significant people in my life play an important role also. Being
loved and loving strengthens the will to live and activates the Wisdom of my
Body.  When I was facing a health struggle and being close to death, I felt
my connection to my wife strengthen my will to live. Obviously, I did not
heal from my MS, but I was more open to the Wisdom of my Body. I was in
Hospice for three months, but it took that long to change my priorities.
Two of my books are relevant to this blog; A Healthy Way to be Sick
and A Poetic View of Hospice. You will find them at Amazon/Kindle.


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