Clearing Your Mind with the Power Breath

We often have mental programs that we are aware of that we learned in childhood. Often these programs attract our awareness, creating the feeling of being stuck. Awareness equals consciousness in time and space. Whenever we are aware of these old programs, it lessens our consciousness. Whenever that happens, we are less present in the moment and seemingly carry a burden on our backs. Being  free of this gives us the opportunity to become more conscious in the moment.

To rid ourselves of this trap, capture that habit into an imaginary statue. This statue contains all the programming we have with that old habit. To rid ourselves of that old habit, we use what I call the Power Breath. This breath is when you have a deep inhalation with a relaxed out-breath, where you just let go. Imagine yourself going up to that statue and use the Power Breath, which sucks consciousness from that old habit.

We rid ourselves of old habits when the consciousness is released from them. We repeat old habits when we are more aware of them and consciousness is still in them. The inhalation of the Power Breath is like a powerful vacuum cleaner, which sucks consciousness from the statue or that old habit.

The more conscious we are, the more we are aware of the subtleties of life. When our minds race, we cannot pick up the subtle messages from the wisdom of our body. This is the same as the difficulty we have reading a written message when we are running fast. We have to slow down to read that message. This has nothing to do with intelligence or the ability to do things; it has to do with subtleties of life.

When two people share the moment, being conscious of the subtle messages requires trust, for you both have to let down your guard to be conscious in the moment together. This can only happen when each person is tender with their own life; sensitive and aware of the essence of their life. Then, they can share that tenderness. Too often, people are caught up with old habits and never find that tenderness deep within. When we cannot go beyond old habits, we are stuck and cannot experience a loving moment. What we have to do to free ourselves from old habits is clean up our minds using the Power Breath.


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