Changing Your Mask

This Blog will address how to change the way others think of you by modifying your personality. It is hard to imagine changing what took your whole life to develop in just a few pages. If you allow letting go of the personality you grew up with, modifying it will happen. The best way to modify it is to be aware of it with a different perspective. A different perspective comes from changing your self-image, for a positive self-image does not tolerate the flaws of a dysfunctional personality. Being aware from that perspective over time will draw out of you a more adaptable personality.

The definition of the word “belief” implies that when we “believe,” we allow it to happen. Read this Blog being willing to change and you will be pleasantly surprised. If you do not believe it is possible to modify your personality, you accept the personality you have.

In Latin, the word personality is derived from the word persona, meaning mask.  Modifying your personality is as easy as changing a mask and it is often very necessary.  For example, if the way you were treated as a child did not enable you to form a personality capable of recognizing your inner wisdom, you can now change your mask and develop a personality that does.

For the most part, our personality is what makes us think and act the way we do. If what was taught to us was taught in an unconscious way, our entire life will be sabotaged.  Many of us have developed a personality that reflects the dysfunction of our childhood environment. Because we think that is who we are, our entire life is affected.  In a conscious approach, our childhood conditioning is not seen as who we really are.

When we realize that we have the power to change the way we see our personality, we can modify it by being aware of it with a different perspective. We can really preside over our life. Each aspect of our person­ality has a different attitude, so we can create the attitude that will serve us best. This does not say that struggle or illness is caused only by your personality. However, our person­ality does affect how we deal with these things.

Sometimes our old person­ality creates an environment that welcomes illness and struggle, while the Ideal Personality naturally fights for a standard of wisdom. To me, every struggle has the potential to raise us to a higher level, so to deal consciously with struggle means that we will experience growth.

If you cling to the old person­ality, change will not hap­pen.  You must sincerely want to change your old personali­ty and accept the Ideal one. One easy way to facilitate that change is to study your old personality and how it enabled you relate to the outside world. If you recognize benefits you get from the old person­ality, you can find new ways to secure those same benefits from your Ideal Personality.  To change from your old personality to your Ideal Personali­ty, follow this short exercise; changing Your Mask

Think of four benefits you get from the old personality—the part of you that needs to change.  How do you relate to the life which the old personality is involved in?  What benefits do you get from this way of life?  What do you avoid doing by dealing with this old personality?  Does this old personality allow you to do special things?  Now record the four benefits of your old personality.






Give a creative nickname to your Old Personality



Now think of four benefits you would get from the Ideal Personality.  How do you relate to life from the perspective of your Ideal Personality? What benefits do you get from this new part of you? Now record the four benefits of your Ideal Personality.





Give a creative nickname to your Ideal Personality




Your Ideal Personality will actively participate in your life, using all of your inner and outer resources to accomplish your goals. This personality represents a person you would naturally believe in and trust.

The next step to take is to make the Ideal Personality real to you.  Have each personality write you a letter and let the qualities of that personality manifest. Then have your deepest wisdom respond, and let your inner wisdom manifest. The first time you connect to your personalities, you may not have a lot to say, but that will change.

The next step is to capture your Ideal Personality in a hand gesture, using your dominant hand. When you perform this gesture, say the creative nickname you gave your Ideal Personality and imagine that personality while you breathe into it, giving it life. Then, with your other hand, capture the old personality. When you feel the old personality, perform its gesture with your non-dominant hand; shift to your dominant hand by performing the gesture of your Ideal Personality.

My hand gestures enabled me to make a shift faster than any logical thinking could ever do.  Remember the definition of the word “belief” which implies that when we “believe,” we allow it to happen.  If you believe this shift can work, it will.




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