To Struggle Is To Grow

My Purpose

To empower the chronically ill & disabled to use their inner resources to create a quality of life that supports healing, but even more importantly allows them to accept the best part of them to manifest in every aspect of their life.

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Author of


This book teaches people how they can tap inner resources, so in their health challenge they can be an active partner with their doctor. The quality of life does not depend on the health of your body; it depends on your focus.

When we face death consciously we live with a higher quality of life. In this book we learn how to approach death utilizing our whole brain, instead of limiting our approach to linear thinking.

 Being in Hospice can be a traumatic time of life, but when you look at it creatively, you see it through wisdom’s perspective. These poems are the way I dealt with being in Hospice.

About Marc

After graduating from Michigan State University in psychology, I traveled to India. It has affected the spirituality in my work.  As a result of my work in Los Angeles, I was named the 2002 Outstanding American with Disabilities Business Person
by the SBA.
I have had multiple sclerosis for more than 33 years and though it is a major hassle, it has been an amazing journey. I am legally blind and I found that when you cannot see the outside world clearly, you look within. Since there is no cure for MS, I was forced to develop the patient’s role in healing. That gave me an intimate connection to what I call the Wisdom of the Body. That inner wisdom has been a great guide in every aspect of my life.

In 1982, I began Life Skills Institute and worked with others in a health struggle, helping them to connect to their inner wisdom. I worked with three main groups; veterans with   PTSD, the mentally ill homeless and people with chronic illnesses like cancer and AIDS. That was my research for my books, A Healthy Way to Be Sick and The Positive Self: Meeting Challenges with the Best Part of You.  After having Trigeminal nerve damage, I felt close to death. I   used my inner wisdom to help me with that struggle also. I wrote The   End, A Creative Way to Approach Death. Facing death with inner wisdom
made me embrace life like never before. I was in Hospice for three months and graduated when my illness stabilized. During that struggle I wrote A Poetic View of Hospice.

All my books are on Amazon/ I could have traveled around the world and never embraced life like this journey forced me to. My writings express my hope that others in a health struggle could have similar benefits. You can go to, or the articles tab in the menu above where I have 90 articles, which is a good way to see the way I think.


2 thoughts on “To Struggle Is To Grow

  1. Marc, I feel so ashamed for not having excepted your friend request when you first sent it. You are a true inspiration to anyone’slife -if they read what you have written. Agin thank you for sharing your world with me. I will write a personnal message when I have more time, I really would like to talk with you. God Bless


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